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Nat Ma Taung (Mount Victoria)
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Good Time To Visit: January, February, March, April, May, October, November, December
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Nat Ma Taung (Mount Victoria)

      Nat Ma Taung (also known as Mount Victoria and Khaw-nu-soum or Khonuamthung in Chin), is the highest mountain in the Chin State of western Burma. Located in Kanpalet Township, Mindat District, Mount Victoria is part of the Chin Hills range.
      With a height of 3,053 metres (10,016 ft) above sea level and a prominence of 2,231 metres (7,320 ft), Nat Ma Taung is one of the ultra prominent peaks of Southeast Asia.

      Nat Ma Taung lies in the Chin Hills-Arakan Yoma montane forests ecoregion. Surrounded at lower elevations by tropical and subtropical moist forests, Nat Ma Taung's higher elevations form a sky island, home to many temperate and alpine species typical of the Himalaya further north, as well as many endemic species.
      The mountain is now protected within Nat Ma Taung National Park established in 1994.
      Observation of 159 bird species including 5 indigenous species and also Blythís Tragopan , a very rare species.

      Trekking to Mount Victoria, a well-known summit in Chin State (province) of Myanmar, is gaining favour among ecotourists. Myanmar is the ecotouristís delight, too. There are still many pockets of natural beauty with rare flora and fauna where very few have set foot on. Mt. Victoria in Chin State is like a jewel in the crown in this respect.
      Mt. Victoria in Chin State is snow free the year round although wather can freeze over in the depths of the cold season. Moreover, the mountain is not rocky enough, so climbing it is just ordinary mountain climbing. A person with moderate health and stamina can tackle it. Then an added attraction is it is the only high mountain close to the plains.

      The increasingly appreciated Mt. Victoria is a force to be reckoned with in ecotourism. Apart from vigorous trekking, its flora and fauna hold a great attraction for foreign tourists. Many species and subspecies exist, some peculiar to this region alone. Mt. Victoria is great for bird-watching and observing butterflies. Those interested in anthropology can study the Chinsí culture to their satisfaction. Then Mt. Victoria is considered to be an extinct volcano, of a very rare kind.
      Moreover, the local nationals are known to be friendly and hospitable. All these seem to be guaranteed to elicit a repeat visit.
      Due to its unique geographical position, Myanmar is home to more than a thousand species of birds.

      Only a few specialists have seen this bird. 10 to 17 birds of this species were observed, mostly paired, on Mt. Victoria recently.

      Nat Ma Taung National Park can be reach two different routes: by plane and car or by car only.
      Visitors to Nat Ma Taung National Park can take a short rest in Kanpalat where is situated at the foot of Nat Ma Taung. It is fresh and cool. Looking at Nat Ma Taung National Park from Kanpetlet, one will see snowy / misty mountain-ranges. Nat Ma Taung is located on Chin mountain range where is connected Rakhine Yoma mountain range in the south. One can imagine the beauty along the trip no matter how gazy at Nat Ma Taung where he or she sees the thick and dense trees and bamboo-forest, short in the environment of Kanpetlet at the foot of the mountain.
      Visitors can explore 3-night journey from Kanpetlet- top of Mt. Victoria to Mindut- Matupi (16 miles land route) as hiking. During oneís journey, he or she will be drawn by hid or her interest of the trip of rare birds-watching full of most beautiful natural scenery passing over mountain-ranges, streams and rivers.
      On the journey, there are much tourist attractions-wavy mountain ranges, cliffs, streams. This is the good place of relax for the visitors with care-free. Additionally, one can study the authentic cultural of Chin Nation.

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