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Mandalay labourers banned from staging protest 372

Daily Eleven
Feb 19, 2019
MANDALAY- Mandalay workers tried to stage a protest against dismissal of labour leaders but were banned from doing so as it was without permission, according to the sources.
       The protesters assembled at the entrance of Mandalay Industrial Zone by walking along the 62nd Street to Manaw Raman Square.
       They called out for 18 demands such as to stopping dismissal of labour leaders, to amend labour laws as soon as possible, to appoint a new labour minister in the region, to inspect factories and workshops in accordance with the law, to ratify ILO Convention 98 (which protests trade unions), to eradicate corruption and assurance of protection for trade unions.
       However, respective townships’ police forces and administrators stopped the protesters because the protest was in breach of extant protest regulations.
       “We called for labour requirements across the nation. So, we would like to urge the authorities to allow us to voice out our demands,” said Thet Hnin Aung, labour leader.
       A protest led by Myanmar Industries, Craft and Services (MICS) Trade Union Federation and Confederation of Trade Unions Myanmar so also hundreds of workers from Mandalay Industrial Zone and other townships.
       Those participants talked about second amendment bills of labour organization and settlement of labour disputes as well as enjoyment of labour rights.

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