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Myanmar to Build Charging Stations Across the Country 364

Myanmar Business Today
Feb 20, 2019
U Khin Maung Cho, Union Minister of the Ministry of Industry, said at the Pyithu Hluttaw session that it is planning to build 49 charging stations for electronic vehicles on the Yangon-Mandalay-Naypyidaw express way.
       Out of 49 charging stations, four stations will be built along Yangon-Mandalay Express way, 36 stations in Yangon and five in Naypyidaw.
       “Charging Stations will be not only for e-buses but also for other EVs. Now, Green Power Myanmar Co., Ltd will send us five e-buses to test. For them, we are planning to build charging stations,’’ the union minister said.
       The e-bus sent by Green Power Myanmar Co., Ltd will be used at the Naypyidaw International Airport, train station, bus station and the market.
       The e-bus, which will be jointly produced by Green Power Myanmar Co., ltd and Ministry of Industry at Thagara Industrial Zone in Yetarshae Township, Bago Region, can run for over 150 miles on a single charge and drive on flooded roads as it has a waterproofing feature.
       Moreover, they will reduce carbon emission compared to ordinary buses run on fossil fuel, while also reducing the cost by 30-50 percent.
       The company will use European technology and import charging machines and accessories from Germany and Hungary and batteries from China.
       “We need to produce and use electric cars in order to reduce carbon emission. Therefore, we will produce EVs in collaboration with Green Power Myanmar using Hungarian technology,” U Khin Maung Cho said.
       Cspel Holding Limited, a Hungarian auto maker which will work with Green Power Myanmar, has deals to export 7,000 electronic vehicles to Sri Lanka, India and Singapore and to produce 3,000 e-buses for local bus lines.

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