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Myanmar may finally adopt a standard measurement system
BUSINESS Date: Jul 25, 2017   View: 54
Myanmar does not have an official measurement system. Government websites use either imperial or metric units, and sometimes both. In 2011 and 2013, the Ministry of Commerce announced that it was prep...
Public warned of fraudulent real estate deals
BUSINESS Date: Jul 25, 2017   View: 45
An article in yesterday’s edition of City News warned against unscrupulous real estate agents attempting to sell fraudulent deals. The article warned against forged documents and recommended ...
10 SMEs in Mandalay win cash awards
BUSINESS Date: Jul 25, 2017   View: 52
Ten small and medium enterprises in Mandalay won KBZ SME Awards, with total cash prizes worth Ks10 million each, according to a press statement issued by KBZ Ltd. yesterday. The awards were pres...
Myanmar Imports Thai Shrimp as Local Breeders Struggle to Meet Demand
BUSINESS Date: Jul 24, 2017   View: 93
Shrimp and prawn is being imported from Thailand as production from local shrimp breeders struggles to keep pace with domes­tic demand, U Kyaw Tun Myint, Chairman of the Myanmar Shrimp Asso­ciation,...
Fuel Importers Submit Proposal for Deep-Sea Port in Yangon
BUSINESS Date: Jul 24, 2017   View: 71
Representatives of the oil and gas in­dustry have sub­mitted a business propos­al to the government to a build a deep-sea port near Yangon. “We are studying the potential logistics and feasibi...
Chinese tax on Myanmar goods slows trade to a trickle in July
BUSINESS Date: Jul 21, 2017   View: 95
To protect the local production of Chinese farmers, the China authorities increased its tax rate to 100 per cent for imported goods, prompting most merchants to halt trade in July. Main exports ...
IKBZ wins two Asian insurance awards
BUSINESS Date: Jul 21, 2017   View: 81
THE Asian Banking and Finance, a Singapore-based organisation, awarded two Asian insurance awards to IKBZ Insurance Company at Shangri-la Hotel in Singapore recently. IKBZ won “The Best Genera...
Dollar exchange remains above Ks1,360
BUSINESS Date: Jul 20, 2017   View: 87
A US dollar exchange rate remains above Ks1,360 in the domestic currency market despite a recent global decline of the dollar. The exchange rate on 19 April hovered between Ks1,361 and Ks1,363 ...
Demand for traditional bamboo fan declines during monsoon retreat
BUSINESS Date: Jul 16, 2017   View: 106
Traditional bamboo fan makers in Mandalay Region have temporarily ceased production during Buddhist lent as domestic demand for the traditional products usually declines in this period. A few ...
Yangon, a place of high cost of living
BUSINESS Date: Jul 14, 2017   View: 100
Yangon was ranked 67th at the list of the Cost of Living Ranking for 2017 according to the data provided by MERCER, the leading provider of data on cost of living and housing for employees. Last...
Market City Yangon
BUSINESS Date: Jul 14, 2017   View: 89
People dub Yangon “Economic Hub”, but in my eyes, I see Yangon as a market city. Most of the ground floors in the six downtown townships in Yangon are shops, and most of the houses on the ma...
Real Estate sector attracts over US$569 million
BUSINESS Date: Jul 11, 2017   View: 109
MYANMAR’S real estate sector attracted US$569 million in foreign direct investment between 1 April to 30 June, according to recent Directorate of Investment and Company Administration (DICA) ...
Myanmar’s gold market shows flat demand despite prices lower than global market
BUSINESS Date: Jul 11, 2017   View: 100
DEMAND for gold has not significantly increase since prices fell in early July, according to an article in Myawady Daily newspaper yesterday. Pure gold is around $652 per tical (0.578 ounce) in ...
Price manipulation increases onion price
BUSINESS Date: Jul 10, 2017   View: 115
Onion prices hit a 10-year high in early July, according to a report of City News yesterday. Usually, local onion prices remain steady during June and July. This year, however, onion prices rang...
Developers’ Ngapali Expansion Plans Look North, South Amid Beach Tourism Boom
BUSINESS Date: Jul 10, 2017   View: 133
Ngapali beach is ex­periencing a boom in hotel develop­ments after the popular west coast destination saw an increase in tour­ist arrivals last year, real estate analysts have said. Foreign and ...
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