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World Top Bells Shortlisted 12 Again Khin Wint Wah and Moe Set Waing 4225

Pyi Myanmar Daily News Journal
Jan 06, 2014

12 Shortlisted World Top Bell “Most Beautiful Girl of the Year 2013” included were Khin Wint Wah and Moe Set Waing from Myanmar go-to-select by The Beauties Concept.
        Myanmar Bell Khinn Wint Wah said, “Glad I am stepping into Top 12, anyway I am proud of being in Shortlist 12 together with International Beauties as a Bell stand for Myanmar Beauty.”
        In the list there recorded were Australia, Russia Venezuela 2 Bells; Netherlands and Philippines 2 Bells; Myanmar 2  Khin Wint Wah and Moe Set Waing; Ecuador, Spain, Serbia Bells organized.
        Moe Set Waing by Most Vote audience included in 12; 2 Myanmar Bells not only in the list of Bells selected by The Beauties Concept, they were also in Shortlist of Miss Grand Slam go to deliver by Global Beauties Preliminary Top 25.
        Khin Wint Wah participated in 4 Bell-Selector World Websites whilst Moe Set Waing included in 2 among these 4 World websites.

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