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Note:: Some of the places in Myanmar are not available to visitor all year round.  
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Kyaukse Flood Protection Zaw Gyi Water Control Dam Maintenance
GENERAL Date: Jun 19, 2012   View: 4136

Kyaukse Township crossed River, the Zaw Gyi roots from Shan State and flows into the Myit Nge River.         For Water Delivery and Green wo...

Disaster Risk Regions Defined Due to Climate Change
GENERAL Date: Jun 18, 2012   View: 3975

Related to 6 Types of Disasters Potential resulted from Climate Change, maximum Impact Regions were defined by Experts.        In order to do...

16 Big Pagodas Yangon Defined to “Cultural Zone”
GENERAL Date: Jun 18, 2012   View: 194
Yangon City  Pagodas  such as Shwedagon, Sule, Botahtaung, Kyait Day Ut, San Taw Oo, Ngar Htut Kyi, Chaut Htut Kyi, Koe Htut Kyi, Kyait Kazan, Kyait Waing, Shwe Phone Pwint  included...
Shift-Farm in Kathar More Deforestation
GENERAL Date: Jun 16, 2012   View: 4132

Kathar Township in Sagaing Division is situated in the Ayarwaddy Riverbank, green and serene surrounded by hills, mountains and forests.       &nb...

Valuable Gold Dug Though Self-hurt
GENERAL Date: Jun 16, 2012   View: 3961

In Gold Mining, the respective Department restricted Sodium Cyanide and Carbon powder, are  today being used by some Businessmen and  the chemicals are toxic to water th...

Pipe-cars more Loaded than Limit Destroyed Village Roads in Monsoon
GENERAL Date: Jun 16, 2012   View: 38

Some Villages in Kyauk Phyu Township, Pipes loaded vehicles uploaded tons many more than limited for the Shwe Thabarwa Project Inland Pipeline connection, destroyed Village Roads ...

Passport Office Open in Mandalay
GENERAL Date: Jun 15, 2012   View: 29

Passport Application Office open soon was being arranged in Mandalay was enquired.         In the Office opened in Mandalay could be applicabl...

The importance of media ethics
GENERAL Date: Jun 15, 2012   View: 3967

ABOLISHING media censorship is a prerequisite for countries transforming from systems of centralised, authoritarian governance to more liberal and inclusive democratic societies. ...

To Sustain the Ayarwady “Throw-No-Trash into River”
GENERAL Date: Jun 15, 2012   View: 36

The Ayarwady River root in Myanmar cross straight North –South through Myanmar and flow into the sea Myanmar.         Duty to conser...

Myanmar in 31-Country-Railroad Network as International Rail Width Std.
GENERAL Date: Jun 15, 2012   View: 203

In 31 Countries cooperated “Asian Highway Route Map Railroad Network”, Myanmar will participate in construction with China, Indi...

No Trash Throw in Myeik
GENERAL Date: Jun 15, 2012   View: 4050

Started from 1st April in Myeik City, Tanintharyi Division, Trash could not be disorderly thrown away.      &nbs...

Foreign Currency Carry Permission of Myanmar Citizens Trips Abroad, Notification Released
GENERAL Date: Jun 15, 2012   View: 34

Related to Myanmar Citizens’ Foreign Travel Trips Foreign Currency Carry Permission, Notification No. 2/2012 was released from the Central Bank of the Ministry of Finance an...

Deepsea Port Build at the Thanlween Riverbank in Karen State
GENERAL Date: Jun 15, 2012   View: 30

A Deepsea Port would be built at the Thanlwin Riverbank  in Karen State,” said Phaan Industrial Zone Project Chairman.         &ldqu...

Students’ Sports Festival Become Alive
GENERAL Date: Jun 13, 2012   View: 42
“Long Time No Hold Students’ Sports Festival may be held in coming November as a whole National Festival again,” said Dr. Mya Aye, the Union Minister from the Ministry of Educati...
Fly Chameleon Found in Myeik
GENERAL Date: Jun 13, 2012   View: 32
Fly Dragons wander living in near Kyet Pha Mountain was found and taken photo by U Tun Tun Tin on 3rd June.        The Fly Chameleon was 19 cm long from top to tail;...
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