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Note:: Some of the places in Myanmar are not available to visitor all year round.  
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Natural Resource Existence Data Weak Enough to Estimate How Loss in Myanmar, Expert Voice
GENERAL Date: Nov 15, 2011   View: 4287
In Myanmar, application of Natural Resource has been mainly depended for livelihood. Those Natural Resource existing data was not known exactly yet so it could not be estimated how lost we have...
Over 800-yr-old Tanintharyi Dragon Boat Festival Held at the Tanintharyi River
GENERAL Date: Nov 15, 2011   View: 353
Over 800-yr-old Tanintharyi Tsp. "Dragon Boat Festival" was held at the Tanin-Tharyi River crowdedly.        "The festival was led by 93-year-old...
Southern Tanin-tharyi Forest, World 2nd Max Tiger Natural Habitat
GENERAL Date: Nov 15, 2011   View: 4189

Southern Myanmar Tanin-tharyi Forest was defined as World Second Maximum Tiger Habitat.        World defined Tanin-tharyi forest which sited at Myan...

Lay Myo, Kalatan River Sources Interested by Tourists
GENERAL Date: Nov 14, 2011   View: 4187
Lay Myo, Kalatan River Sources Interested by Tourists have already visited Rakhine State since 1st week October.         The most visited ones were from Germa...
6 Money Exchange Center Purchase Foreign Currency Equal to 33 Billion Kyat in Over a Month
BUSINESS Date: Nov 14, 2011   View: 4368
“6 Money Exchange Centers opened at Thein  Phyu Jetty, Yangon  purchased  4 kinds of Foreign currency equivalent to 33 billion Myanmar Kyat in 34 days,” said a responsib...
Myanmar Stood in Top 10 List for Tour and Travel by Lonely Planet
GENERAL Date: Nov 14, 2011   View: 4238
Myanmar stood in Top 10 List for “2012 Tour and Travel” by Lonely Planet Travel Guide Book which have been trusted by Tourists.          Lonel...
Sai Sai Khan Hlaing Arranged Only Four Shows till April 2012
MEDIA Date: Nov 13, 2011   View: 484
Vocalist Sai Sai Khan Hlaing has arranged to perform only 4 Shows from End of the year till April 2012 without TV making Programs, was found.         “I...
Australia Student Visa New English Criteria Officially Notified
GENERAL Date: Nov 13, 2011   View: 240
When Students apply for Australia Student Visa, Department of Immigration of Australia Citizenship officially notified the needed English Criteria and added acceptable English Marks on 5th November...
Myanmar Student Won the Best Project Award from NUS
GENERAL Date: Nov 12, 2011   View: 142
One Myanmar Student won the Best Project Award from National University of Singapore (NUS).  Institute of System Service attended Myanmar Student from NUS got the Best Award of Post Grad P...
Free Funeral Service Society FFSS (Yangon) Founded Flood Victims 200 Lakh Kyat
GENERAL Date: Nov 12, 2011   View: 216
“Free Funeral of Service Society FFSS (Yangon) founded 200 Lakh Kyat for delivering Consumer Goods and Edibles to Victims suffered flood on 19th and 20th October of Heavy rainfalls which Vil...
Norway Minister for Environment & Internl. Development Met with Zarganar
MEDIA Date: Nov 10, 2011   View: 418
H.E. Mr. Erik Solhiem, Norway Minister for Environment and International Development met with Zarganar at Savoy Hotel when he had a visit to Myanmar.        &ldqu...
Inland News Agency Website Launch
GENERAL Date: Nov 10, 2011   View: 265
A News Agency is being legally launched its website to Media who wish to buy Everyday Inland news and data.        It is “Shwe Myitmakha”; its website na...
Old Used Cars Non-Melt, Kept for Film-making
GENERAL Date: Nov 09, 2011   View: 4220
“Some old used cars received may not be melted kept to remain to use in scenes in Films due to the request of Myanmar Motion Picture Organization,” said U Aung Min, Union Minister in Na...
Good Performer with Characteristics Thet Mon Myint
MEDIA Date: Nov 09, 2011   View: 568
Director Ku Tho who could make image very well of Grassroots’ Stories made a film video which highlight the Importance of Deeds that could convert a person’s Life Turn with Myint Myat a...
Min Maw Koon Solo Show in 2012
MEDIA Date: Nov 09, 2011   View: 406
Min Maw Koon is today performing as a Luck Draw Chaser in “No Zero Draw in Luck of Love.”        “Doll Shop” CD Series was being arranged f...
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