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Welcome To Golden Land, Myanmar
Check Out the Best Places To visit During Your Stay!
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Note:: Some of the places in Myanmar are not available to visitor all year round.  
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      Trekking tours in Myanmar usually take place in the hill regions in the upper part of the country.
      In Myanmar, we have so many trekking sides with beautiful natural sense. Visitors will be able to bird watching while trekking.

Kalaw Township
Kyaiktiyo Pagoda
Indein Village
More Place for Trekking
Train Expeditions

      Train expeditions in Myanmar are unforgettable events. The beautiful scenes and natural views from the train window can show you the unchanged lifestyle from years. You will encounter the green paddy fields, mountain ranges, the blue sky, the nature and its people. During the Japanese occupation in Myanmar, a number of gauge engines from Japan were adjusted to run in Myanmar. More of the additional machines were brought with the allied forces. Still the pre-war designed trains can still be found in Myanmar. There are steam locomotives which are getting extinct in the world today.
      There are trips which take about 14 days traveling from Yangon. The destination plans starts from Yangon and crosses Thazi, Mandalay, Lashio and Bagan.       There are also trips from Yangon to Namtu and then up from Namtu to Nashai, Namyao. Then back from Nashai to Lashio in coach.       The cute locomotives running the trips are Kerr Stuart "Huxley" class 0-4-2T No. 13, Bagnall-built 2-6-2 No. 42, which use for shunting at Namyao. Two more of the Huxley class, No 34 and 40 are preserved in Namtu yard for shorter routes.

Yangon City
Mandalay Capital of the last dynasty
The Magical Environs of BAGAN
More Place for Train Expeditions
Scuba Diving & Snorkeling

      Myanmar has a great coastal region in the west and the south connected to the Andaman Sea. Diving in the seas of Myanmar would dive you a great experience and joy for your holi- days.
      There are Diving Trips arranged by many Myanmar Tour agents. They provide profes- sional dive master, dive instructors, snorkel- ing sets and dive equipments for observing the deep water lives, varieties of sea fishes and coral reef of Myanmar.

Chaung Thar Beach
Maungmagan Beach
Myeik Archipelago Myanmar
More Place for Scuba Diving & Snorkeling
River Cruises

      The cruises from Yangon to Pathein take about 18 hours. There is time adverse and uncertain to the river, weather and local conditions. The cruises are arranged by Myanmar River Cruises.
      The cruises leave at Gawwin Jetty in Mandalay and travel downstream to reach Bagan. On the way to its destination passes Mingun and Sagaing. The cruises travel on the Mighty Ayeyarwaddy.       Travelling through the Chindwin River is also another amazing experience in Myanmar. The journey starts from Mandalay and ends at Bagan.

Yangon City
Mandalay Capital of the last dynasty
More Place for River Cruises

      Rafting and river expeditions trips in Myanmar are available with some of the tour operators. The Nam Lang River expedition combines the thrill of Class 3 and 4 white-water through thickly forested canyons, with a closer insight into a people and way of life unchanged for centuries. The Nam Lang River is without a doubt one of the most exciting journeys you can undertake in Myanmar.
      The Malikha River expeditions combines a scenic river gorge cruise with a visit to the picturesque village of Manchanbaw. From there we venture downstream by long tail boat onto the Malikha River through forested hills and past white river beaches, where villagers may often be seen panning for gold.

Meditation in Myanmar

      Myanmar is a land with different people and different religions. About 90% of the people in Myanmar are Buddhists. Many Vipassana Meditation Centers based on Buddha’s teaching are widely taught throughout the country. Vipassana meditation in Myanmar is taught during ten-day residential courses. This period has been found to be the minimum requirement for new students to understand the technique and its benefits through their own experience. Here is some information on the Meditation Centres so that one can plan the Meditation trips in Myanmar.


      A golf playing purpose can be counted as tour-package for people who wish to play golf as a recreation. This special tour is specialized for golf lovers. Golfing at one place or at all the resorts is possible. Your tour operator can arrange the golfing tour for you before or after arriving Yangon.

Pun Hlaing Golf Resort
Danyin Gone Golf Club
U Do Golf Resort
More Place for Golfing
Elephant Camps

      Myanmar is rich in nature and resources. The Ministry of Forestry has also being promoting ecotourism together with The Ministry of Hotel and Tourism. The elephant is not only of great cultural and historical significance in Myanmar, but is also of major economic importance in the country's timber industry.
      There were 4,075 elephants in timber harvesting operations in the Union of Myanmar in 1999-2000. The elephants of Myanmar are providing an invaluable service to the country not merely by supporting the national economy but, more importantly, by conserving the environment. It is universally accepted that animal skidding is the most environmentally friendly method of logging.       Elephant skidding will continue to play a vital role in the timber operations of Myanma Timber Enterprise (MTE) for the foreseeable future, particularly in the many mountainous and swamp areas of Myanmar's forests.

Pho Kyar Elephant Camp

      Bicycling in Myanmar blends adventure and the time to taste the cultural heritage of the country. This type of trip is planned for thoses who are ready to experience fun, active, safe, scenic and carefree vacation. Tourists get to explore the places where they reach, the way of lives of those places, the history, the cultivation and more. Bicycling destinations are usually Taunggyi, Bagan, Mandalay, Inle Lake, river crossing and mountain crossing.
      Bicycle tours provide visitors the best possible opportunity to intimately experience the country in a physically active journey yet a relaxing way. It is with a bicycle the cultural-diversity & natural-prism of Myanmar's reality can only be enjoyed.
      Your cycling round Myanmar will cut through quiet back-roads between rice fields, temples, and scenic countryside. Passing through many small villages, you will find the people curious, friendly and polite. We will share the road with ox carts, other cyclists, and excited children. Most rides are on country lanes with almost lack of traffic.
      The transportation, accommodation and bicycling necessaries are arranged and plan by the tour operator that you’ve contacted. Detail plans can be discuss together with them. We are sure that you will enjoy the ride.

Chaung Thar Beach
The Magical Environs of BAGAN
More Place for Bicycling
Air Ballooning

      Myanmar has the ancient city Bagan in the middle plains of the country. Visitors from all over the world have been always excited to view the “finest sights” of the world which include the city of Bagan. Now, international and local tourists can have the inspiration of viewing the sights of Bagan from a hot air balloon.
      The Balloon flights usually take place early in the morning. At sunrise and before sunset is the best time for the viewers to go up. The flight usually takes about 45 minutes to 1 hour. From the Balloon one can see the most magnificent monuments and the unforgettable scenes in Bagan.       Balloons over Bagan is a private Myanmar company that is committed to the preservation of Bagan and its environment. A contribution from each flight will be donated to community programs that directly benefit the local population.       Balloons over Bagan operates from October through until the end of March with a total capacity of 40 passengers per day. Published prices are USD 300 per person but you can contact your tour operator for discounts.

The Magical Environs of BAGAN
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