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"Shein Makkar" The Place To Wander
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Good Time To Visit: The Whole Year
Visited: 2060 Time

There is a Spot to have a Trip to Sagaing Division in Upper Myanmar. There it is located about 26 miles far from Mandalay at Wetlet Township in Sagaing Division namely Shein Makkar. To visit to Shein Makkar, you may go straight ahead north from District-to-District Road near Sagaing Kaung Hmutaw Pagoda which there is only a little commuting of vehicles on its District-to-District Road so that Left-Right roadside views could be well visualized. In some Spots, the road not good enough that should be taken only a slow drive needy was found. After over a 2-hour-drive from Sagaing, there is a sign-board pointing to Shein Makkar. As soon as you see the Shein Makar Signboard, leave the District road and have right turn a bit, you would reach the Village "Shein Makkar".

As its term read as a Village, Shein Makkar is really a crowded Village seems almost to be a City, even a Phone shop, etc. available. From Road as well as Boat you can ride from Mandalay Mayan Chan Jetty which its Upstream Boat-ride may take 4 hours whilst Shein Makkar to Mandalay Downstream Boat Ride only 2 and a half hours was found. Southern Hill of Shein Makkar Village would fetch you "Shein Makkar Sanctuary" not a common Forest region that when King Mindon toured around the Country in 1224, he arrived the Region and had a chance to pay Homage to Sayartaw U Zargara, the coming Shwe Kyin Sayartaw originated one. King Mindon donated and built Monasteries and Buildings there in the Forest which Stone Caves where Sayartaw took meditation and old Religious Buildings could be observed as origin as its ancient times Infrastructure.


King Mindon notified a document of Shein Makkar defined as the Sanctuary of which 334 acre wide with its Forest providing service of Green Cool in such Dry Region Sagaing Division. Trees of Local name Than, Dahut, Taw Shaut, Shaw Phyu, Thit Palway, etc. give shelter green and cool. There were Golden Deer, Spotted Deer, Rabbit, Wild Chick, and Barking Deer was said and was defined as the Habitat of Golden Deer. From the Monastery of Shein Makkar Tawya to the East of the River Ayarwady, beautiful scenes could be viewed. If you take Inland District-to-District Highway Road to Shein Makkar, the road is bad and scarce travelers so that you have to take special care on Car wellness for Transportation. If you want to have Night Sleep in the Monastery, you may be supported said the Tawya Monastery Sayartaw.

Though there is Electricity in Village but not in Monastery yet, to get Electricity for the welfare of Guests was demanded by Sayartaw U Zargaya. Therefore a Place to visit Green of Rivers, Villages, Natural Countryside views and old ancient Buildings of not much expense is insisted this week.
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