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Dry Zone Oasis
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This time travel is the Trip to Twynma Lake at Kani Township in Sagaing Division nominated as Upper Myanmar (Dry Zone) Oasis. Blue-green Lake seems like a sea-beach relaxable "Twynma Lake" in Hot Dry Land Upper Myanmar, was located near Lel Shay Village in Kani Township. If travel from Monywar City, Monywar- Yar Gyi- Kalaywa Car road route, crossing Chindwin Bridge at 12 mile-distance, we can reach Shwe Lel Shay Public Rest Hall. From the Public Hall sub-road along the red path 2 mile distant, we could reach to Twynma Lake. 1 hr-drive by motor-cycle/car from Monywar, you can reach to Twynma Lake. Twynma Mountain in Kani Township was an old natural extinct volcano which Spirulina Blue-green Algae Habitat. "Twyn Taung" in Butalin Township; "Twynma" and "Taung Pyaut Lake" in Kani Township were Habitats of Spirulina sp. where green and lush lakes sites of Upper Myanmar.

The Relaxation Spot only single site where you can have fried "Twyn Poe", Local product Coconut juice and enjoy Boat rides is "The Twynma Lake" in Kani Township. As a main road of Tar, Monywar- Yar Gyi- Kalaywa Car Road transportable any time it was but the way from Public Hall "Shwe Lel Shay" to "Twynma" Village just a red soil path so it was slippy muddy in rainy season was found. One-mile-drive along the red soil path at "Shwe Lel Shay" Public Hall may lead you to Village "Lel Shay" which was located at Upper bank, then another 1 mile round there sited "Twynma" Village and its entrance, a School was found; 2 sub roads heading towards "Twynma Lake". Left Bend road motor-cycle drive available leads to Twyn Hlel Village that road was laid for cycle-rides a concrete road up and down steep was found. Before down road to Twynma Lake, your motor-cycle could be left at houses and 5 min-walk send you to Twynma Lake.


If one drives along Right road route by car/or motorcycle, you could go close to the Lake surface water. View over Lake could be taken nice Photo shots so that whoever tour to Twynma Lake, used to visit this road. In the Lake Twynma, there was located Twyn Htel Village of 70 Household round that once the Village worked as Farmers did the Living only on Betal Yards, Coconut and Crop Cultivation Farms. After Thingyan Festival, Twynma Lake has become crowded more and more each day by relax-takers presumed as Dry Zone Oasis/ Oasis of Upper Myanmar usually the most crowded on Saturdays, Sundays and Sabbath days. There were over 20 small restaurants made by Coconut Leaves, Palm leaves around Twynma Lake. Local Food such as Coconut juice, Fried Twyn Poe sp. and fried Tilapia fish sp. got from Taung Pyaut Lake available to eat; Coconut oil, Coconut and lunch Oil-dropped rice, Green-tea rice, Coffee and Cold drinks available too.

On the way to Twynma Lake, there were Palm trees, and Palm Liquid shops. Resting on the embankment of Twynma Lake, you could have a boat ride on Blue-green water surface of which boat 7 persons capable, one round of Lake circle ride 3,000 Kyat charge took 15 minutes but Life-jackets wear needy. Circumstance mouth of Twynma Lake was 400 acre round of the width of water surface over 150 acre, and mid-lake water depth 1,200 ft round. You could have a bath at west of Twynma Lake the shallow part near Twyn Htel Village. There was Spirulina species extract from Twynma Lake water, the color was Blue-green and salty bitter so that after bath-taking in the lake, the well to have a bath again was already arranged. Most Local People used to have bath and wash their clothes at Bathe-Post. Some Relax-taking Travelers took a bath and swim at Twynma Lake.


Walking along the Blue-Green water margin-line, may take nearly half an hour. Northwest of Twynma Lake, there was a natural Freshwater Spring site. Coconut trees_ margined Blue-Green Lake_ greenly sheltered old natural extinct volcano could be observed Geological Subject Soil and Rocks as well as Flora sp. as there were bountiful of natural grown Flora species in variety. Once Spirulina Blue-Green Algae was produced but now remained the Lake like a Habitat of Tilapia Fish sp. On the way back home, there was a Pagoda which once built and paid Homage by King Mani Sithu in Twynma Village. There Shwe Taung Oo Pagoda nearby Monywar Chindwin Bridge could also be paid Homage hereby to have a relaxation at Natural Beauty Oasis of Dry Zone was guided.

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