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Kandawgyi Garden
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      Kandawgyi Garden or Kandawgyi Nature Park is located on Natmauk Road and Kandawgyi Kanpat Road.
      The Kandawgyi lake placidly reflect the sky changing colour with the time of the day and the golden spire the Shwe Dagon Pagoda over the tops of the green woods lining its banks. At dawn the lake is silver shrouded in pearly grey mists tinged with the pink of the first sunbeams. At sunset the water looks like liquid-gold with depths of red fire. To combine the natural beauty of the lake and the sublime beauty of Myanmar traditional architecture. the Government of the Union of Myanmar built a royal barge in the form of Karaweik (mythical bird) in 1972. In ancient times. the barges were used in royal parades. to transport Buddhist Scriptures or covey some regal missive to a distant outpost.

       The importance of waterways is something the Myanmar has understood for 1.000 years or more. and. today. convenience is turned into culture during the annual procession of the royal barges (first stage during the time of the Myanmar kings) and the boat races among the teams from the river towns. The pomp and ceremony of the royal barge procession and the rowdy excitement of the village boat races are now merged in the annual regatta held in November on the wide expanse of the Royal Lake of Yangon. Each team has been training for days. eyeing other teams critically but looking in awe at the famed leg rowers of the Inle Lake. whose skill and strength few would dare to underestimate. They row standing up with one leg around a single oar. On the day of the races. the lake is heavily crowded and ethnic minorities in colorful costumes are there to root for their favorite team after performing folk dances. The races are on. and the sky rings with excited voices. as the red and gold flash brilliant in the clear sunlight.

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