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Let's have refresh in Maw Tin Soon Pagoda Festival
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Good Time To Visit: 2From3
Visited: 1643 Time
"My Girl Pathein Citizen of unique beauty" started "Come visit to Maw Tin Soon Pagoda Festival she called" words composed song "Ma Ma Pathein Thu" by Vocalist Than Htun Lay I clicked listening, the two and a half-storeyed Cruise left the City Pathein and moved along the Ngaputaw River route steadily. Flapping in the wind, the small Sarsana Flags, she headed to Ngaputaw Township, Higyi Kyun Sub-Township where Maw Tin Soon Pagoda was located carrying Pilgrims from nationwide regional. One of a famous well-known Pagoda Festival of Myanmar "Myat Maw Tin Soon" was held from 18th February (1st Tabaung Moon Waxing Day) annually to 4th March (Tabaung Full Moon Day) for 15 days. From 4th February (one day after Taboe Dwal Full Moon Day) up to 4th March (Tabaung Full Moon Day) this year, 30-day-Period would be held.


As soon as the Pagoda Festival was started, Hover-crafts, two and a half-storeyed Cruises looming direct from Pathein City Port to Khamaut Maw Village in Higyi Kyun Sub-Township was found. Bed-shelves included neat and tidy worked Cruises made Traveler Pilgrims comfort and convenient in Transportation as well as songs about the Pagoda Festival was switched on made Passengers aboard enjoyable the voyage. As soon as Boats landed the terminal sea beach near Khamauk Maw Village, Line Buses stampeded Passengers for boarding theirs. When Passengers were Bus full, the car drove along sand beach at Tide Ebb, and through Village Internal lanes in Khamauk Maw, and Kan Chaing, etc. at Tide Rise.

Driving Cars through Village Lanes at Tide Ebb really not a problem but Tide Rise it was, as Lanes were already damage so heavy that Pilgrims travelling hard was found. Bus line disfavored Travelers took Motorcycle- Taxi where the Transportation worked on over 180 Bus line and Cycles over a thousand said the news. "Pilgrims season crowded time, cars and Motor-cycles driving were so careless that there were accidents result the casualties and the wounded.A Car accident this year one casualty was found," said a Line Bus Spare man. Rest Night Sleep for Pilgrims, there opened Lodge rooms at Pagoda Festival Market Malls that "Room Full" on 12th, 13th and 14th of Tabaung Moon Waxing Day, and double to triple Room Rental rate rise time in the Period. GSM, Telenor, Oredo, any phone call not available, call-easy 0949 etc. CDMA 450 Phones only available made People who worked communication online and phones face difficulties in Festival Period.

No PCO Roadside booths at all, Pilgrims and Guests had to rent Pagoda Shop-keepers' phones to contact. Another case all Pilgrims grumbled was lack of Freshwater Problem. Lodging only took responsibility for Night Sleep and for Freshwater use, Lodging Guests had to pay 500 Kyat per one bucket; face/ hands/ legs wash 200 Kyat and Toilet 100 Kyat was charged extra. Local Ngaputaw Resident Pilgrims brought mats and blankets, Pilgrims collectively slept on the Platform of the Pagoda, some slept cars parked on sand beach at Maw Tin Soon. Though inconveniences and discomfort they faced in Pilgrim Trip, after Paid Homage Maw Tin Soon, we feel refreshed," commented a Pilgrim Daw Sein Tin.

The Pagoda was sited uphill nearby sea beach previously named "Tharana Mountain" was expressed in Pagoda History Records. In 103, "Taphutha" and "Balika", 2 Merchant Brothers arrived India (Mizima) for Rice Trade and had the chance to meet first pay Homage Buddha "Gawtama". While they paid Homage Buddha, they asked Buddha Hair to be Relic respected, 8 hairs they received, and sailed on boat the Hair Relic reached at last "Kuthima Nagara"@ "Nagarit Hmaw" named "Maw Tin Soon Point" at South Pathein Region. At Night Sleep, King of the Dragon "Zaya Thayna"pretended his appearance as Human, 2 Hairs were stolen and carried away to Tharana Montain @ Maw Tin Soon Point and was input at shrine for Pay Homage as Pagoda on Waso Full Moon Day in 103 was mentioned in Pagoda History Background Records. Later "King Thiri Dhammar Thawka" and "King A-Laung Sithu" assumed themselves as Pagoda Donors, and Infrastructure was made expressed Pagoda History Records.

"Maw Tin Soon Pagoda peculiar feature was though persons whoever tried; no one could be the First Donor of Rice because prepared to donate Rice very early morning 4 am, rice donated already was used to be found. How many more Pilgrims arrived, never ever crowded full on Pagoda Platform; whichever Storm hit, Pagoda was never ever affected even in Nargis hit was found," said Pagoda Trustee Board Chairman U Khin Ngwe.

Pilgrims over I Lakh population used to visit pay Homage annually from Myanmar region wide and yearly donation to Pagoda was over 100 Lakh Kyat said the news. Local Residents believed Dragon-built Pagoda, and Dragons annual visited through Generations. Pilgrims fed Dragons near the Pagoda and wishes their prayers. Banana logs were rafted and carried on umbrellas, Tagon, Aung Thapayay Flowers, Sarsana Flag, Milk Pot and other materials and floated in sea fed the Dragons. While Adults among Pilgrim Guests fed Dragons, Youth enjoyed sea views and photo- shots on Coral Reef-beds around Phaung Taw Seik Pagoda. After merit-taking and observations were made near Pagoda, continued to 7 miles distance Ngway Taung Beach, swimming and relax they had.

The Beach crystal blue and broad seemly Chaung Thar Beach was found. There was a Hotel only at Ngway Taung, most Pilgrims put their things on counter of Bathing Rooms on Beach enjoying swim and Green Coconut water drinks made them rejoice. Though Guests felt delight, shop-keepers, Khamauk Maw- Maw Tin Line Buses and Motorcycle-Taxi drivers did not."30 days Pagoda Festival made much cost; People came less early days due to not known Festival taking one month and the engaged Time of Exam for students, so a few Guests made a small purchase which daily charges of Food and water expense shows not profit but loss," said Noodle/Vermicelli Seller woman came from Chaung Thar Village to Maw Tin Soon Pagoda Festival.

Either Profit or loss, the Pagoda Festival created Business development annually both income and merit for Ayarwady Division Delta Villagers of thousands. On Tabaung Full Moon Day March the 4th, three days after Maw Tin Soon Pagoda Festival, tide used to rise and wipe trash on beach to the sea that Dragons form waves cleaning and taking merit believed Local Dwellers. Scientific assumed persons might have thought it a joke. However Southeast Myanmar Maw Tin Soon Pagoda Festival fun and happiness would be a charm of excitement with beauty and mystery with legendary beliefs with nature.
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