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Mawtinson Pagoda
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Mawtinson Pagoda

      Mawtinson Pagoda is the most famous pagoda in Pathein. If you follow the Pathein River till it empties into the Adman Sea you’ll reach Cape Mawtin (Mawtinson). Maw Tin Zun Pagoda Festival (February, March) is usually held at Maw Tin Zun Pagoda in Pathein on February. The pagoda was put up at the shore line of the sea, and our mind can be refreshed inhaling the fresh air of the sea while going to the pagoda by boat.

      At the time of the festival, the pagoda is very inspiring of the very bright candle light and pushing among the crowd toward the pagoda along the shoreline and seeing the shops selling Burmese traditional umbrellas, we call them Pathein Hti in Burmese, experiences a person difficult to forget the savor. On the seaside of the Cape is a sandy beach and the revered Pagoda Maw Tin Son. It is very surprising to note that the pagoda is water-logged all the year round except in the days of the annual festival. The seawater is out well beyond the pagoda during the festival and lots of stalls dealing with all sorts of local products, seafood, ornaments made of seashells and lodging houses built of bamboo for the revellers mushroom on the beach. Once the festival is over, the water is up and covered the beach. It seems that the pagoda is located on the sea.

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