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Mid Myanmar Inle or Sun Ye Inn Lake
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Good Time To Visit: The Whole Year
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Sun Ye Inn is located at Inn Kone Village in Sinkkaing Township Mandalay Division. Go straight ahead east till you see a signboard "Belin Marbel Factory" on Yangon-Mandalay old road at Sinkkaing-Mandalay Township Border. Along the road, you may pass high Mountain Ranges and Forest road. After half hour trip, you may reach Inn Kone Village.If you go east of Inn Kone Village, you will see Sun Ye Inn Lake. Shan Yoma Mountain Ranges sited at the east of the Lake, highlights the color of Beauty of Sun Ye Inn Lake. Say Sun Ye as "Small Inle Lake". Whenever we reach Inle, we have to ride a boat in the Lake and only the ride on water may feel you enjoy the view more.

Ferry-boat may charge you 3,000 Kyat if you ride alone; in Group may be 2,000 Kyat per head. No shade in lake seems really hot, you can rent free from the Boatmen and also pretty Pathein Umbrellas rental you can by 500 Kyat per one from them. Not as wide as an engine boat it is, seated seems a bit hard and if you sit unstable a little, the boat may used to sway. Boatmen will send you Northern mid-lake of Lotus-bed and they will fetch you the innermost part where abundant Lotus fill full in water that may please you slow luxury boat-ride afloat in Lotus World. Wow! Good snap shots you can take there you arrive which Boatman may stop to make photo-shots. Stand with care gradually. Look there Lotus Land full of Leaves Lotus Green, and Blossoms White stretch standing sightsee on boat you take.


Now Lotus flowers to pluck had already been forbidden due to conserve its Natural Beauty. To weave valuable Lotus Robe for Monks, Fiber extract from Lotus plants work is being conducted in Inn Kone Village so than to sustain Lotus plants are aimed too. After Photo-making, take a boat ride round in the Lotus Lake could make you observe how they Local are working in Lotus field such as plucking. Landing at jetty, you can rest in Village having snacks from small shops and fried food. Previous living was Fishery mainly, and after popular in mid June on Face book, start crowded as a relax stop but just now start a Tour Spot it is, Guests cannot take rest well. Little shade make pretty hot so that long sleeves wear, umbrella to protect from sun a need, and also to walk on earth path, mask is also needy. Scenes of Nature will surely make a relief meet to your satisfaction.


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