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Mount Hkakabo Razi
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Good Time To Visit: January, February, October, November, December
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      In tropical Myanmar (Burma), the slopes of Mount Hkakabo Razi can often be seen glistening with snow.
      Located within the Hkakabo Razi National Park inside the borders of Myanmar's Kachin State, the mountain is Southeast Asia's tallest peak at a dizzying 5,889 meters. Though not for the intrepid, climbers headed upward along its slopes are rewarded with the unusual sight of the greenery transitioning from rainforest to sub tropical evergreens the higher they go.

      However, for those attempting the climb, reliable weather information is more of a luxury than a staple, so any expedition onto Mount Hkakabo Razi itself is best attempted with an experienced guide. Fortunately, there are a number of English-speaking guides to be found in the region; given that they are limited in number, planning ahead is a must.
      Getting to the mountain is relatively easy by bus or hired car. Intimidatingly, the mountain's height can be attributed to the fact that it is actually part of the Himalayan range, though that hasn't stopped people from attempting to scale it since the opening of the area to foreigners in 1993.
      Mount Hkakabo Razi was first successfully ascended by Takashi Ozaki of Japan and Burmese climber Nyama Gyaltsen in 1996.

      Don't feel pressured to emulate their feat, as the surrounding national park features a fascinating array of flora and fauna that have made their home at this meeting of jungle and alpine forest.

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