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Sadonn @ Lana Waterfall From Myitkyinar
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Good Time To Visit: The Whole Year
Visited: 1447 Time

Caption: Kachin State Sadonn Waterfall scene

Over 1-hr-drive from Myitkyina, there located a beautiful Waterfall near Sadonn City so that it was nominated Sadonn@ Lana Fall. Sadonn falling from high rocks of levels variety flows went to Lower Sadonn Creek. That steps of layers were eleven so named as 11 layered Waterfall was said. Car road was good and China constructed it was said while Myit Son Dam works started time, many cars once communed through the road which was beside the Car Road from Myitkyinar to Kam Paikti Border City.



The Sadonn Fall was located a few miles from Sadonn City where the old Sadonn Stockade Infrastructure Kachin State there, the Revolution Spot to Colony Period Foreign Invaders. The Road was from the Fall Myitkyinar to Waing Maw, Waing Maw to Kam Paikti (China Border City) where Trading works beside the Main Road which Chinese labors came and constructed.

Trip and Experience

Distance was over 40 miles from Myitkyinar to Sadonn which the road was good and along the Main Road Bends and ups and downs, the Road snaked piercing Mountains and Forests, an exciting one. Daily Merchants not paused to China Border, the Road seemed crowded. Sadonn Fall previously was unknown with few Oil Stations and Food shops, so that many Food and Oil full the People took Trips but as it was set to a Resort Spot, it was named Lanakha crowded with Car Parks, Motor-bicycle Parks, Restaurants and Oil Stations was found.


Topography of the Waterfall

The Fall came from High Steep Mountains naturally that some persons said 8 Layers but the Fall seemed steep, on rocks the flows, free-climbing was hard, and there were some accidents before, it was warned not to climb up in Signboards by the Authorities. So most Visitors climbed only to no. 4 Level the most. Water falling from Mountain cool and clear and relax by Visitors playing in water was found. A true good shot stop for Camera Memories. Though not any bridges to Creek-cross or Ups and Downs yet, previous Tender Co. Groups constructed Roads as well as Bridges that made transport-easy. Peculiar Trip interested ones may really have recreation and relaxation to Sadonn Fall Visit is sure.Touch Nature Green of Forest and Mountains of Wild Sadoon.

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