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Second U Pein Bridge or Naung Phar Lake Shan State
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Good Time To Visit: The Whole Year
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       There was an unknown place, metaphor as a "Second U Pein Bridge" in Shan State, serene and silent scenes surrounded, even unable to express enough either in oral, in writings or in photography due to the nature life so splendid not able to mention full of her Beauty Outdoors. That is a large Paradise Pond of the midst stood an Island locally nominated "Mot Soe Ma", i.e., "Widow Island" located in Naung Phar Lake sited 6 miles far from Kholam City in Loilin District in South Shan State where Ethnicities variety lived in 8 Villages vicinity. Not towards Maing Shoo but from Kholam to Kyaing Taung Waterfall Road were chose,n following Kholam-Naung Phar small signboard lane, may reach to the Naung Phar Lake. Road was so tough that even by car-ride, person aboard would sway well like East Gooseberry fruit (Local name Zee Phyu) rolling round disorder in a tray; if travel in a small car, not free

from on ground pits and bumps that may better be in need of 4-wheel-drive car for uphill to take nearly 4 miles along the Village Lane. .Previously Naung Phar was 6 miles wide around but nowadays only 1.5 mile wide and 3 miles long that an Island was located in the middle of the Lake within an Ancient Pagoda that was nominated as "Mot Soe Ma Island, Mot Soe Ma Pagoda".

       A Monastery was found in the middle of the Island in which an old broken Historical Pagoda, From the Pagoda to the Pond, there was a bridge to the other side of which a Wooden Building for View Point under Construction was found. Whoever visited the place used to say it was like U Pein Bridge said Naung Phar Local People. There were 8 Villages around Naung Phar Village Vicinity by Dwellers Shan, Lishaw and Palaung Ethnicity most made a living by Agriculture.

       A Story background History told by Mot Soe Island Shan Sayartaw about Naung Phar Lake was heard as follows. Once upon a time there was an old City many years ago which nowadays was a ravage already.
There a widow who had a daughter and when she became a Youth, she met a Dragon King visited to the world from his Dragon Palace. They loved and got married and a year later a baby was born.

      Visit for Traditional Pay Homage to Parents and seniors in Tagoo (April), they asked permission from the Widow Granny requested, "Mom, we are going to pay Homage to Parents. When we are out, please do not let our son play with water; be patient for a while." She agreed to the Dragon King. Only some moments later, the son started crying strong so that she made a pond and let him play there. As soon as the son was put in water, he changed to a Big Fish. When the sound became silent, Granny came out to explore him, and then she noticed her grandson already changed his life as a Big Fish and she regretted very painfully. Nothing could help her out the problem current situation, she let him free and the Big Fish grew very huge enough about (5 x 2 yards) 10 yards long. As Villagers reported about the Giant Fish to the King, he commanded to catch the Fish thoughts of the bigger the size, the better it may be with little bones and let the Fishermen fish it.

     Granny cried and cried near the pond and she begged the King"s servants, "I beg you please. It is only my Grandchild‚ not the other Fish. Oh my grandson he is!" The servants said her, "No. This Fish is your Grandson you said. You are really mad. No way. We will seize as our King ordered and they sent the poor Fish to the King. The King asked the Fisherman for Fish price and he replied to have taste its flesh he had never ever eaten before. Fish was chopped into small pieces and shared each house a piece of Fish.

    The Dragon King arrived from visit of worship. The Granny told him the event thoroughly and the Dragon became full of anger. He proclaimed, "So cruel you all are. Even my son was killed and eaten, you will now know about me," and returned back to his Dragon Palace. He said his wife not to be afraid and fetched her to his Land and the country of Human who ate his son Dragon flesh, he dipped in water.

     When the time the King of Dragon back home, his wife accompanied him his Dragon Palace as she was alone of no companion, no son, no husband at all. Many years later, she came back home emerging as a small land hill-like Island, and built a "Pagoda of Yearning Memorial" by her father-in-law's donated things and nominated "Widow Island Pagoda" and the small Island was given the name " Widow Island , in Myanmar tongue "Mot Soe Ma Island" the name became existence. The Lake and the Pagoda was over a thousand years old and Donors renovated but now starting a damage condition was in vision. Moreover nowadays it was built with Timber like U Pein Bridge and some spots were still under renovation was found. The Lake "Naung Phar" was only (8 x 18 inch) 12 ft deep and applied as use water. Old Kone Kar Village, Old Phar Phway Village, Naung Phar Thut, Wun Yu, Hut Phar, Par Saing Villages totally there were 8 Villages where Palaung and Shan Ethnicity 100 Household round resided but nowadays population decreased due to going abroad and War Refugee hides.

      Pa Laung Ethnicity of 2 kinds Black and Red who used to wear Silver rings at their waists in Harkhar City, and Pa Daung Ethnicity used to wear Silver rings on heads in Loikaw was found. Pa Laung who lived at South were Silver Pa Laung; Northern Palaung were Gold Pa Laung. Pa Laung used to wear pale Blue Costumes with pierced large holes at their ear-holes which men with fluffy hair and disorderly worn clothing. If the place were explored and disclosed, the Spot may become an attracted Place of Interest for the Travelers.

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