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Tiger Mine Camp from Namtu-Bawtwin Mine
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On the journey to Namtu of northern Shan State, travelers must pass NamtuBawtin mine which is oneof the famous mines in Myanmar history. The town Namtu is located in the Palaung Self-Administered Zone in northern Shan State,and travelers may visit therefrom Namtu-Mantungroad.The distance from the mine to Namtu is linked with a17-mile motor road and a14-mile railroad. There was no firm evidenceon establishment of Bawtwin Mine but the researcherscannot discard the facts about the level 6 ofBawtwin-Tiger Mine camp with regard to the NamtuBawtwin mine. The rockwall of the Tiger Mine Camp is still installed with a tiger head emblem mentioning that the camp was opened on4 April 1914. Now, the camp was 102 years ago.

     The Tiger Mine Camp is linked with the Level No 6 which is more than1,200 feet deep mine of a main tunnel here an underground railroad wasnsport the minerals. In the past, the mine was formed with 14levels for exploration ofminerals. But, there remaintwelve levels at the mine.At the Bawtwin mine,there were two parts of exploration the abovegroundproduction and the undergroundone. Each groupcomprising five labourersled by the coolie leader wasassigned at the ordinaryplots. These groups weresupervised by the specialleader, level boss and supervisorat the different levels.Moreover, the organizationalsetup included ashift boss for controllingthe designated section and aforeman for the controllingall sections. Moreover, foremenwere assigned for theproduction, for maintenanceof the mine's main rail tractsand for providing supplies tothe plots of the mine.

      In addition, the miningengineering sector wasformed with the maintenanceengineer, superintendingengineer, the deputymine superintendent and themine superintendent. Themine superintendent wasthe highest rank inside and outside the mine. With regard to ensuringsmooth process of production,miners went to respectivelevels by lift. Threeminers, second leader andleader, totaling five excavatedthe minerals in the 10square feet plots where thegeologists had onducted the surveys for mining. It was learnt that themine was more than 1,200feet deep from the groundto the level 12. The mineralsexcavated from the level3, 4, and 5 were brought tothe Tiger Mine Camp bymine car through the TigerTunnel. The 12-carriagemine car brought three tonsof minerals once along the8,920 feet long undergroundrailroad. The Bawtwin Mine was formed with five sections No 1 Lode Top Chinaman,No 1 Lode Bottom Chinaman, No 3 or No 4 LodeTop Shan, No 3 or No 4Bottom Shan and No 2 LodeMingtha Section. Now, theunderground mineral productionwas defunct. Accordingto the observation ofgeologists, there may remainabout 35 million tons ofminerals in the mine.

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