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World Famous Big 5 Infra Arts in West Ayarwady
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Visited: 1057 Time

There was Line Buses crowded rushing on Mandalay-Sagaing Main Road under the scorching sun after the time noon. Dash drives they made not even thoughtful for passengers aboard might be discomfort. Due to the angry cars, the author rode his motor-cycle slow and steady with care.Crossing the river Ayarwady, from Yadanarbon Bridge there connected two Divisions Mandalay and Sagaing, the Beauty of Sagaing, he had its view from distance. After the Bridge cross, bent to the road not to Sagaing City but to Min Kun he chose, the road stretchered close along the mountain range parallel to the Ayarwady was found good. One by one Villages he passed, there reached to Khotaung located at North of Sagaing Mountain Range in its Township. He had lunch in the Village in the name of well-known Khotaung Vermicelli. After over a 1-hr-drive, he arrived at Min Kun, a well-known Village in the world if it was said, it would not be wrong.

After this Pagoda, to visit the Big 5 Min Kun Tipitaka Darha Sayartaw Gyi Grave, the Big Bell, the Big Pagoda Pahtoe Taw Gyi, and the Big Lake was insisted by a lass who was selling incense sticks. Second Place visited was Min Kun Bell. "Min Phyu Mhan Mhan Pyaw 55555" labeled, i.e., Penta-5 (Viss unit number that described the weight of Min Kun Bell) stood grand at the spot. The Big Brass Bell chimed with wood bars and photo-shots memorial made by Visitors was found. He was afraid of words of memorial by correction pen-marks of Visitors inside the Bell, might have disturbed Tourists vision thoughtfully. Then he went to Min Kun Tipitaka Darha Sayartaw Gyi Grave, paid Homage and observed Buddha's Life History "Mahar Boddawun" Book.

"There were Tourists' visits more in Min Kun. Domestic used to come on religious days," said Min Kun Sayartaw Grave-shrine Working Group member U Kyaw Win Sein. Next stop was Pahtoe Taw Gyi Pagoda; from the Pagoda Platform to the east Bird-eye-view watch, dim imaged Mandalay City, a boat sailing in the Ayarwady under sunbeam and Blue Sky, both sides green trees, all scenes as a colorful painting picturesque was touched. After descending from the Pahtoe Taw Gyi, 2 Big Lion Images sitting heads to the Ayarwady Riverbanks was visited. The Sitting Lions only remained 2 front limbs, waist and hips round only was found. Earthquake happened in 1200, Tagu Waxing Moon Day the 7th and 8th, front limbs were collapsed was recorded. Tourists made Photo-shots for records by cameras.

Then Minkun famous Artists' Exhibit room was visited. Paintings were well-sold out. When the writer visited time, Actors Nay Toe and Sai Sai Kham Hlaing arrived there for film-making, Villagers rushed out to watch the shot scene he found. Lastly the Big Lake of Big 5 he visited which was 6 miles far from South of Min Kun Village. When Kyet Htauk Pond near Kyet Htauk Village it was completely dark, then he continued his Trip to Mandalay.
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