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Zalun Pyi Taw Pyan Buddha Image
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Zalun Pyi Taw Pyan Buddha Image

      Zalun Pyi Taw Pyan Buddha Image is located in Zalun town, the Ayeyarwaddy Region. This is one of the renowned Buddha Images in Myanmar with a famous legend. When the British occupied Myanmar, they tried to bring back the Zalun Pyi Taw Pyan Buddha Image to England in order to use the bronze from Buddha in their mint. However, the British could not melt or break the Buddha image and the Queen of England was said to be starting to suffer from headaches and nightmares as such she ordered that the Buddha image to be returned to its original place.

      The British could not find the original site so they put the Buddha image near Hinthada and Zulun. A tug-of-war competition took place between people of Hinthada and Zulun where Zulun emerged victorious and ever since then the Buddha image has been placed in Zulun. Zalun Pyi-Taw-Pyan Buddha Image Festival is celebrated on the 8th waxing to Full Moon Day of Tabaung. It continues for 8 days in Zalun.

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