Activities (Things To Do)

Air Ballooning

      Myanmar has the ancient city Bagan in the middle plains of the country. Visitors from all over the world have been always excited to view the “finest sights” of the world which include the city of Bagan. Now, international and local tourists can have the inspiration of viewing the sights of Bagan from a hot air balloon.
      The Balloon flights usually take place early in the morning. At sunrise and before sunset is the best time for the viewers to go up. The flight usually takes about 45 minutes to 1 hour. From the Balloon one can see the most magnificent monuments and the unforgettable scenes in Bagan.       Balloons over Bagan is a private Myanmar company that is committed to the preservation of Bagan and its environment. A contribution from each flight will be donated to community programs that directly benefit the local population.       Balloons over Bagan operates from October through until the end of March with a total capacity of 40 passengers per day. Published prices are USD 300 per person but you can contact your tour operator for discounts.