Adventurous Jungle-road Gawyingyi

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Good Time To Visit:   The Whole Year
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"Gawyingyi Island" is a name of Island located at Ngayote Kaung Sub-Township Ngaputaw Tsp. in the Ayarwady Division. As Gawyingyi nationality lived once there, its nomination Gwawyingyi placed oral was learnt. Non-depleted, alive as origin the natural beauty, the place was. The scenes may make you relax with rejoice. Local People's hospitality may please you happy and delightful.


The Track to Ngayote Kaung is departure from Pathein, then Chaung Thar-Ngwe Saung Branch Point, choose Ngway Saung Branch and take 30-min-drive of Ngway Saung Maw Tin Soon Branch; drive along a pretty tough Maw Tin Soon hill roads. 2-hour-drive would fetch you Village Pavilion, an Interim Stop; have meal there. There are not any Villages on the way. Most meal we could have Jungle food variety such as Monkey Chay Khar (Local name), Barking Deer, Wild Pig, Mole, Wild Cat, etc. Beyond the Pavilion, there may be Hill roads rough steep and narrow of 40 miles, the 4-hour-drive to the Village Ngayoke Kaung. Crossing hills Chaung Thar-Ngwe Saung Road lead to Ngayoke Kaung lies long in accord with Mountain range where it is used to car wheels cut. We would arrive Higyi-Maw Tin Soon-Ngapu Taw-Ngaoke Kaung Cross Point Village with plentiful food shops delicious food in fair prices. Ngayoke Kaung Mountain Village to signboard "To Ngayoke Kaung" right bend may reach to the Ngayoke Kaung City of 17 miles 5 furlongs distance which drives may be very steep hill roads to drive with care as they are Earth- roads. As the View Point Summit we reach, bright green Coconut trees, dark brown rocks, goldie yellow Paddy-fields may make you refresh is self-experience.

Ngayoke Kaung City

As there was once a great Ngayoke Kaung Flora, there nominated as Ngayoke Kaung City is really a small Town as the Gate Entry full of dust and pebbles 50% each of Nipa and Coconut Forests soil road we have to cross. Food and Beverages fresh and low price; only Motel rooms clean is comfortable to take a rest there. Ngway Saung Sinma Sub-road the City Entry we enter, a very splendid sea-beach beckoning us to have a relax.

Gawyingyi Island

If you desire to the Island, you may take a motor-cycle to Ngayoke Kaung Boat jetty that could not transport by car. 5-min-drive boat will take you the other bank; then having motorbike adventurously on the mountain, there you may have reached Nant Thaphu Karen Ethnicity Village. Village road Beach drive of 20 minutes from the Village, you would reach Gawyingyi Island.

Gawyingyi Island

Island west point edges into sea with wave wiped rocks of different shapes on white sand Coconut rows make a marvelous island. Not any specific path to walk but a hiking risk in the rocks we would do.

Myawady Wish Fulfill Pagoda

Myawady Wish Fulfill Pagoda stands on the hilltop. 400 steps we take of 15-min-walk. Top is really very narrow but ony view from top may cover the holistic vision of the Island Gawyingyi.

Pankan Thike

Pankan Thike is located at west of Island. Old times when the plates needy for Donation, and wish this day, plates on rocks the nest day was said. After use, they may be replaced but later people did not return plates that not any plates given at all were heard.

Village Culture and Its Hospitality

Not in books but in practice you may face the Hospitality of the Myanmar Local destination it is. Whenever the sound of Guests' arrival, poultry that were bred was insecure. Rice cooked by medicinal roots would be served with alcohol. Stewed Prawn you were given is to give Local; and they would peel skin and give you back eat-ready and they would visit and sleep as friends together. If you feel your limbs stiff, and make a sound interjection, they may serve you a massage. When you have a bath, they would watch to serve you; unbelievable hospitality of no thieves Village you would see. When shops were closed, not anything input in shop room, leave them as they are; not any loss at all. No Mosquito at all too. So either enjoy Nature scenes or Village Traditions and Customs, you do visit there was advised.