Bogyoke Market

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Bogyoke Market

      Also called Scott Market, is the right place for shopping in Yangon, among other itís the best non wet market in the city. Every first time visitor should spend a few hours there, thatís a real Burmese treasure trove and the air of a real old oriental market can be smelled.
      Beautiful , handicrafts, wood carvings, jewelry, ruby, clothing, gold items, silver creations, among others mall sailing ships made from silver, very decorative mother of pearls jewels are on display and many other, have a look at the pictures they tell much more.

      Here is shopping at is best, a real pearl in this slow motion life it was also called Scott market long time ago, almost nothing has changed since British colonial times.

      This makes one of the undeniably charm of the country also known asBurma until recent times. They morphed Bombay into Mumbai etc. so let them do the same. This is the incarnation of a great oriental shopping mall with all bells and whistles, for sure great exotic shops are waiting, the have jewelry and precious stones plus more. It is a must visit at any trip to the country, an oriental playground of the past with a great cultural and ecological diversity and nowhere is it more apparent than in the picturesque bazaar in the center of downtown. No trip to the country would be complete without a visit to the place. Naturally there are other must see places in the country, the main difference to them is, here you can go for genuine stuff. Integrated are a few dozen of stores with beautiful imperial jade and even Buddha Statues there are about two dozen of them also with jewelry. People come from all over Asia for unique items which are not available elsewhere, try here for more about jade and precious stones etc.

      Please beware that the market is closed on Mondays. The little shabby shop called "Lady Home" at the back of the market behind the Jewelry Row, near the old wooden foot bridge crossing the old circle line train tracks, makes delicious fried noodles and vermicelli dishes. For the adventurous, try the pig organs (intestines, tongue, ears, etc.) boiled and fried and then tossed in fiery chillsauce.