Inya Lake

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      Inya Lake (Lake Victoria) is the largest lake in Yangon, Myanmar, a popular recreational area for Yangon, and a famous location forromance in popular culture. Located 6 mi (10 km) north of downtown Yangon, Inya Lake is bounded by Parami Road on the north, Pyay Road on the west, Inya Road on the southwest, University Avenue on the south, and Kaba Aye Pagoda Road on the east.Public access to the lake is available through Kaba Aye Pagoda Road, and most popularly, through Inya Road and Pyay Road, next to Yangon University. It takes about 2 hours to circle the lake on foot.
      The lake's surrounding is one of the most beautiful scenes in Yangon. The Inya Lake is a spot for locals to walk on the bank of the lake, and some food stalls are available. There is also a romantic restaurant known as SeinLan So Pyay, which offers a variety of food and drinks. The Yangon Sailing Club is located on this lake too. Swimming, sailing and rowing are activities of the Sailing Club. The DusitInya Lake Hotel is also located on bank of this beautiful lake, from which follows the name of the hotel. Marina Residence is located on the Kabaaye Pagoda Road with the view on Inya Lake. Some private residences are located on the bank bordering the lake.

      Inya Lake is an artificial lake created by the British as a water reservoir between 1882 to 1883 in order to provide water supply in Yangon. The lake was formed by joining small hills that surrounded creeks that formed during the monsoonal season. A series of pipes and cables distributes water from Inya Lake to Kandawgyi Lake near downtown Yangon.Located next to Yangon University, the 37-acre (15-hectare) park is most well known as a romantic dating area for the university students, and is chronicled many times over in Burmese popular culture (novels, movies, songs, etc.) In addition to dating, other activities available to visitors include swimming, sailing and rowing. Yangon's premier sailing club is based here.

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