Pleasant "Maithauk" Lake Nearby Taunggyi

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Good Time To Visit:   The Whole Year
Visited: 1438 Time

This week is to introduce a Place for Relax if you arrive to Taunggyi City, the Southern Shan State. A place of serene scene neither near nor far from Taunggyi, there was located a place People used to visit which was named locally Maithauk Lake or Maithauk Bridge. It took a 19-mile-car or cycle drive from Taunggyi to Heho City. When arrival was made to Nyaung Shwe City, continue car road 7 miles more to Maithauk Village that blue sky, pleasant Sha Yoma Mountain Ranges and green vast fields along the route could be viewed infinitely. Along the small lane follow-up, you could start watch the Bridge Maithauk. Walking on the Bridge, you could enjoy beautiful views and nature such as Maithauk Village, Maithauk Lake, left and right planted sheds floating, Tomato-beds, Traditional Lake-houses with long legs and also Boatmen rowing by legs traditionally in the Lake Maithauk.

The Bridge was over I mile long, one person donated it to communicate-easy Maithak Village and car road said Local People. Walk and Walk cool, you could see the vast Inle Lake Beauty and the Pagoda "Phaung Taw Oo" which was located in the Lake that warm welcome greeting by Local People Boatmen could be found. One-leg-rowing Boats in the lake would be worked out fetch you left and right wander round in the Lake and Village too. Famous Local Food cheap and delicious; Famous Lake Fish Nga Pheinn stewed, Fish grinded with the roots of Ju (Local term) were Favorite Food for Travelers. If you want to enjoy beautiful open Lake and Shan Yoma Mountain Ranges or you want to free from Urban World of crowded atmosphere, go tour there Maithauk Village and Maithauk Bridge.