Than Lwin Riverside Mountain Zwe Gabin

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Myanmar is a country enriched with Green, the Beauty of Nature. Bago Yoma, Rakhine Yoma, Shan Yoma, Dawna Mountain Ranges flowered into the Vein of Myanmar Natural Grandeur. Journey to Dawna in Karen State by Myanmar Travel and Tours in a One-day-Tour hereby delivered for having readers a nice relaxation. Karen State was divided into 3 Districts such as Phaan, Kawk Kareik and Myawady. Among the three, there Kyon Htaw Waterfall was sited at Myaing Kyi Ngoo Region in Phaan City, Karen State. Kyon Htaw Waterfall was start well-known in 2015 Travel season and nowadays it has become many People Visit Spot. The Waterfall was rooted from Mountain cool and clean, stream flows running down; pretty a serene nature scene with forests and mountains for rejoice and refresh which one could feel free and relax as desired!

Karen State could be said Pagodas and Antique Arts watch able update as if it were origin. Another Spot was Kawk Goon Cave, 8 miles far from right riverbank of the Than Lwin with Old Mon Stone Inscriptions full of Antique brick Buddha Images, and Buddha Stupas decorated inside the walls of Lime Cave natural would be self-observed. Kawk Goon History Background was that Queen Mottama took refuge of battle in the Kawk Goon Cave in King Anaw Rhatar Era and when she stayed there, she made Embossed Buddha Images and paid Homage was said. In the Kawk Goon Cave, Ink Inscriptions on stucco, Stone Inscriptions in Mon Language would be found, so it was an Old Cave of Ancient Buddha Images and Cultural Heritage.


The Cave was a famous Great Cave where "Sadan", the Go-to-be Buddha which was once existed as the Life of the King of the Elephants lived there in Kawk Goon Cave. Along following the footpath inside the Cave, Terminal was a Lake, and it was a spot to have the return on a boat-ride crossing through the Natural Cave. Mount Zwe Gabin was a famous Mountain range of Phaan City in Karen State and a unique shape of its Mountain mentioned the Grace of Karen State. The meaning of the Mount Zwe Gabin was meant "Ship Hook", and its nomination was derived from a Karen Ethnicity namely "Doe Karhal Kaban" was found. Moreover Kyauk Kalat Pagoda reflected Karen State Beauty more. So if a visit to Karen State were made, go to Kyauk Kalat intentionally was referred. The wonderful Pagoda Kyaut Kalat stood peculiarly in the middle of the Lake which was flowered by its History Background could be said.


To pay Homage to "Shwe Yin Hmyaw"(Frog-Dragon Pagoda) in Phaan City Karen State, the splendor of the Than Lwin River could be touched through Pagoda Platform. Dawna Mountain Range, the Than Lwin, Zwe Gabin ft, Forests, Mountains, Waterfall Beauty, and unavailable to appraise Ancient Buddha Images Heritage located Karen State is a valuable Spot in Myanmar. Either arranged person to visit or never been there, are recommended to do visit so. A Trip new as well as this crowded is only One-day-Tour if visit linked with Travel Agency may take you charged by 35,000 Kyat per head Kyon Htaw Waterfall- Phaan Trip travel worthwhile spot to take a visit.