The Gote Hteik Viaduct

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Visited: 1870 Time

There was located a Bridge namely Gote Hteik on Mandalay-Lashio railways between Naung Cho and Kyaukmei at Northern Shan State.There was a Village so called "Ho Kut" [ho'kut] derived from the meaning the very spot was once located with Rivers and Creeks but nowadays all vanished was expressed in Myanmar Encyclopedia Volume no.3.

Nearby the Village, there the River Nampasi dived down into the ground, and then it emerged again the river route at another place so the dived down very spot "Nampasi" was nominated as Ngoke Hteik, and there its Village got the name "Ngoke Hteik". In 1897 after British Government occupied Myanmar, the railways was constructed from Bamaw- Mandalay, and its railways construction was also arranged for Mandalay - Kunlon of its route was Gote Hteik viaduct which trains loom available was established.


To take responsibility of establishment the Go-to-Emerge World Highest Railways "Gote Hteik Viaduct", Myanmar Mee-Yahtar (Myanmar Railways Co.) was provided by the British Government, so in 1899, Myanmar Mee-Yahtar Co. hired Pennsylvania and Maryland Steel Companies from USA but the Bridge which Goteik viaduct was worked out by Sir Arthur Rendel, the Main-Builder Leader Engineer, and the British and Myanmar Engineers from the Burma Railroad Co. Bridge components needy were ordered direct from USA which its Bridge design was drawn by Sir A Rendel Co.UK of the highest tower 320 ft whilst the shortest 45 ft.

Distinct feature of Gote Hteik Viaduct was it was not built crossing Rivers and Creeks as other Bridges; it was pierced both ends through 2 Abysses of over 300 ft steep high. 2,260 ft stretched Gote Hteik Bridge was constructed by 16 Tower Posts of its middle tower no. 8 and no. 9 was found the Highest.At Bridge bottom, some Iron Posts of the Bridge Bottom were 1,100 ft high up from ground even the shortest ones, with its average height of the Bridge 820 ft from river level which its flows crossing under the Bridge in the cave. The highest tower supported to the railways deck was 335 ft high above the ground under the Bridge of its whole Gote Hteik constructed by 4,311 ton of Iron and Steel, and 1 million rivets.

Rails-run Gote Hteik Viaduct pierced its stretch of 2 Edges of 2 Mountain Summits through 2 Caves at Gote Hteik Village the construction was accomplished started from 1899 to 1900 January the 1st of expenditure 16, 98,200 Kyat. Application of Transportation of Gote Hteik Viaduct started in 1903. As Military Alliance WWII conduct destructed its Tower Post no. 2 and 5. 4 middle Highest Towers of the Gote Hteik Viaduct Highest was bombed too in the Period of Japan Retreat Myanmar, no. 11 bottom was cut, and no. 10 and no. 12 were damaged and fell to ground that 4 abridged Iron bar-frames of each 120 ft long mounted on such fallen towers dropped onto ground. In 1948 after the Independence Day of Myanmar, the damage Gote Hteik was renovated by Burma Railways started from May 1948 but due to Goods scarcity and Transportation hardship took much more time of over 3 years completed renovation in August 1951 of expense 32 Lakh Kyat. Close up scenes from train on rails was really a great splendor of unforgettable memories for Rail-riders whoever crossed the Gote Hteik.

Nowadays Tourists who would like to enjoy rides for view the scenes on rails of the Gote Hteik which was over 115 years old was arranged for Rental-easy RGC no. 110, the Special Carriage of 20 Passengers capable to charge 2 Lakh Kyat for Round Trip Rides from Pyin Oo Lwin to Naung Pein Station that may need to apply in advance to Myanmar Railways Mandalay Division said the news. As motorcar road descending the Gote Hteik Viaduct laid at the Bridge west that non-visible the Bridge from car road it was; only Train-rides could give the vision and view of the Bridge. Therefore to have close view the Gote Hteik, Travelers have to take Trip by train. Daily Tourists travel and tour by train are 20 to over 30 persons.In Northern Shan State today, car transportation is so good that Train Travelers decrease much more than before but as Train Rides fill Forever Remembrance of Gote Hteik scenes feed the thirst and desire of Domestic and Foreign Travelers drive them choose daily Train-rides as he had done.