Art & Culture

Panpoot (Turnery)

The art of Panpoot is an enterprise to make wooden utensils turning on turners lathe. Such as making shaft of umbrella, table legs and legs of bed and turnery posts for Pavilions and railings. Myanmar’s traditional crafts of a turner emerged in the Bagan period in the 8th century A.D. The craft of a turner is an art which is made by rubbing the woods on the turner’s lathe. Craft of a turner artists based on the traditional styles of Bagan, Ava and Yatanapon period. Besides that, Myanmar’s craft of a turner artists is very interesting. Diversity in the shape of the craft of a turner, food containers, boxes, bowls, taunglon tables, chairs, etc. all makes them attractive. The Myanmar’s traditional arts and crafts owed a great deal of influence of Mon, the people of suvanna Bhumi-artists and artisans the Southern India’s culture in the early Bagan period.