"Lu fi" Pa Oo Ethnicity Traditional Fire Festival

Month:   May, June
Visited: 3455 Time

      Festival "Lu fi " Period: Myanmar Month Kason-Nayon (May-June) in the respective regions. The term "Lu fi" of Pa-Oo Ethnicity is meant to be "Fire-balls" in Myanmar. Lufi was gun powder, coal and sulphur proportionately mixed and grinded many times. Such gun powder could be applicable for bullet-making and also not so different with stone-breaking too. It is so strong that such heavy iron-pipe in various sizes available to carry out casy to sky. Fireball and powder of gun were beaten many times step by step. Lufi is the main traditional festival of Pa-Oo and it is aimed for crops get rainfall holding in Kason and Nayon annually whilst hold Dry Zone. Rainfall Call Ceremony is "Tug-of-war".

      Most Pa-Oo Ethnicity living place, South of Shan State is the very spot where annual Lufi Festival used to hold. Before 1995/1997, it is was called likely to be the Biggest Traditional Festival of Shan State that one-week-period held at Karenma Yay Htwet Garden in Taunggyi City with biggest fire-balls, the author had seen for 2-3 years but later Festival was not allowed to celebrate by respective authorities so never any places festival available was found. 2-3 years ago, Monks led Festival Tradition was alive again but not in Taunggyi yet. The biggest Festival later held in Paw Mu Village in Taunggyi Township was being held with over 40 Fireballs and visitors are welcome.

Lufi Fireball Festival needed items

  1. Green Gun powder
  2. Coal (Better if coal were from Mango Tree inner wood)
  3. Sulphur
  4. Banana Tree fluid (It was squeezed according to needy for Temperature control not to spill out powder while it was grinded)
  5. Wooden mortar (varied size)
  6. One side closed bamboo/ iron pipe (mostly used iron pipe in festival of pipe size varied)
  7. Long Bamboo-rod balance for pounded gun-powder fill in iron pipe
  8. Iron-pipe and long Bamboo-rod to fasten with Zinc stretch

     Fireballs decoration by self-favorable to do at the rest. Contest rules defined by Festival Committee are gun powder weight, iron-pipe length in ft/inch mainly measured. Gun powder making needs coal, gun powder in balance match with its powder which quality needs is important.

      When pounding powder, Burning Test would be made often. Green gun powder, Sulphur, coal etc. mixed gun powder would put into mortar of one fist size powder per time and made it grind well at every layer in pipe by the measurement of beads as one-bead-ring of 108 pieces make one round make once grinding at the least. Fireball good or not depends on fireball master's talent of balance skill of gun powder weight with Ball exit opening. Self observation detail could be made in Ceremony. Spot arrival 2 weeks in advance.