Shwedagon Pagoda Festival

Month:   March
Visited: 3256 Time

       The festival of the Shwedagon Pagoda is celebrated on the full moon day of Tauaung (March) every year. Many people in the country contribute funds for the repairing and a great number of people pay homage every day. There are many festivals throughout the year. The pouring water to the sacred Bo-tree, the overnight weaving contest for the yellow robes, the donation of gold leaves in a buck and many others are unnoticed festivals in each occasion.
       The greatest festival is that of Tabung festival. The renovation works were greatly done and the escalator on the western stairway and the elevators in all others are beautifully farced and the spires are rebuilt. Even the campy is renovated with modern techniques.
      Visitors from all over the country enjoy the festival at such a time. They come to donate offertories.