U Min Kyaw Nat Festival

Month:   February
Visited: 3472 Time

      U Min Kyaw was a son of the Lord of Pyay and Kuni Devi. He was a drunkard and cock fighter and also a very good horse rider.
      According to legend, U Min Kyaw was the governor of Pa Hkan, a prosperous town under the suzerainty of Bagan. But U Min Kyaw was not a good governor. He is always engaged in debauchery, drunkenness or cock fighting. To cut the story short, he fell afoul of the King at Bagan and was put to death. This festival is held during February or March depending on the lunar calendar at Pahkan near Pakokku.
      This festival is mainly visited by those wishing to make their businesses prosper by praying to him and requesting his intervention. He was killed by the devils who had been his victims.