Travel Information

Facts You Should Know


- It is not always necessary to shake hands.
- Avoid touching an adult on the head
- Avoid pointing with foot
- It is considered rude to step over any part of a person
- Accept or give things with your right hand or both hands.
- No one, including children, should be touched on the head.
- Feet should never be put on tables or used for touching or pointing.
- Need to take of your shoes or slippers when to go in Pagoda, Temple and home.
- Myanmar women should not in general be touched by men. If a woman wishes to shake hands, she   will offer her hand first.
- Couples should avoid public displays of affection.


- While travelling by express car, myanmar drivers don't like asking time to arrive destination.
- Never raise your underwear above your or some other people's head. This is considered very rude.
- There is a superstition in Myanmar that contact with women's clothings, especially underwear, can sap men of their strength. It is widely believed in Myanmar that if a man comes in contact with a woman's panties or sarong they can make his luck or power down. - Women should not go over the body of men , especially head.

Power Voltage Usage

Our Voltage in Myanmar is 220-230 volts Ac. Most of the international hotels have their own generators. At some places may experiences power cuts and Voltage fluctuation which can damage computers and other electricity equipment. So please travel with the require protection for your electrical equipments.

Food and Drink

Eating out in Myanmar is, in general, inexpensive - you can expect to pay K1000 to K3000 for a simple meal at a local restaurant or teahouse, and for something more sophisticated, or for well made western food, you should pay no more than K4000 to K8000. Upscale restaurants in cities and major tourist spots will cost more.

Tap water is not safe to drink so you will need to buy bottled water, which costs around around K200 to K300 per bottle. Domestic-brand Coke costs around K800 for a bottle.

Internet Cost

Prices are usually around K500 per hour, although they may be higher outside cities. You can find free wifi at many restaurants and bars.


With generally high temperatures in the popular locations around the country, lightweight cotton and linen clothing is recommended for most of the year; warmer clothes may be needed for the evenings, which can sometimes be cool. Even outside the rainy season there can on occasion be downpours, so it is advisable to pack a light raincoat. Travelling to higher altitudes and further north, it is advisable to take warmer clothes, particularly in the cool season, when temperatures can drop significantly.

What to bring

An antibiotic pills and cream for minor cuts and scratches. Prescripted medicines by owns' doctor, if necessary. Insect repellent, especially for mosquito. Bring umbrella or rain coat if you travel during rainy Season. Hat, Sun glasses, Sun protection for your face and body. Extra passport photos, in case you may need it.