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56th Gems Emporium to be Held in Naypyidaw 80

Myanmar Business Today
Feb 21, 2019
56th Gems and Jewelry Emporium will be held at Maniyadanar Jade Hall in Naypyidaw from March 11 to 20, according to the Ministry of Resource and Environmental Conservation.
       The emporium will exhibit jade, jewelry and pearl lots for sale. The organizers will accept jade and jewelry lots on February 4-23 and pearl lots in March 4-6 for examining, setting floor price and moving to the exhibition area.
       Local gems and jewelry entrepreneurs are working on making, selling or buying finished jewelry. Members of Myanmar Gems and Jewelry Entrepreneurs Association can attend the Emporium. People who hold the license for purchasing the gems and jewelry can purchase the items showed at the emporium.
       Foreign gems and jewelry traders need to pay for the entrance fee as well as a deposit, the register form can be downloaded a or
       At the 55th Emporium held in June, 2018, it generated €420 million from the sales of 360 pearl lots, 6,795 jade lots and 336 gems lots.

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