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600 Year Old Thayatkan in Nam Khan, Local expect to be Guinness 4287

Weekly Eleven Journal
Mar 01, 2011

          According to Japanese Foresters’ observation of 600-year-old  Thayatkan in Manpoo village, 20 miles from the West of Nam Khan Township (Local name Kyaut Khet Pan Pin), local residents expect it to be World Record Guinness.
          “I have heard this tree was planted since the village was established. As it was the age of ancestors, its epoch could not be said accurately. Japanese Foresters guessed this tree might be over 600 years old,” said a local resident.
          This Thayatkan (Myanmar name)  leaves are used as wedding blessings and decorated in flower-pots at home as a dwarf plant but this age big tree was never seen. Ten-year period, the height is 3-4 ft and now it is 16 ft width, is heard.
          “China came and asked for sale this tree with 10 Yuan but we don’t sell,” said a resident. “Among these species, a big tree is in North Shan State and a similar one is there in Pyin Oo Lwin,” said Japanese  Foresters.

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