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Byamazo Social Team Teach Coming Matric Exam-sitting Students FOC 136

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Dec 06, 2011

Byamazo Social Team Mandalay is being provided Teaching free of charge to coming Matriculation exam-sitting students started on 24th November, was found.
       "Poor students unaffordable for Tuition fees and already applied for Matriculation Class Exam were targeted Beneficiaries for Education services free of charges," said a responsible person from Byamazo Social Work Group responsible person.
       "Frees Education Course were served from 6 am to 5 pm for over 100 students in its Group Building.”
       "Students have no need to pay; stationary could be applied such as bullpen, pencil, document s and copy books till February close to exam for about 3-month-period service," he said.
       On the First Teaching Day 24th November, some failed students and Tuition outside unaffordable students approximately 40 attended.
       Students Admission could be accepted till end November by submitting application forms at Living Quarters Social Work Teams and Byamazo Office Mandalay and Tuition-fees  unaffordable students would be the prior, was found.
      Byamazo Social Team Office is located at 62nd Road, 33rd - 34th Road, Mandalay with its speedy active works. The team helped obituaries for over 60,000 bodies within 10 years in Mandalay.

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