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Dismissed Mikko Coffee Mix workers demand their jobs back 356

Daily Eleven
Sep 16, 2019

The workers who were fired from Mikko Coffee Mix Factory in Pyigyitagun Township, Mandalay Region, staged a protest in front of the factory on September 15 demanding that their jobs be restored.

The protest was also joined by other labour organizations. The protestors made several demands such as re-appointment of four worker leaders who were forcibly dismissed from the factory, stopping of the attempt to fire workers just because of going to the toilet which is beyond the provisions of employment contract, firing of those who stir up conflicts between employees and employers, taking effective action against labour rights violators and calls for the labour ministry to resolve labour disputes.

"We are daily wage earners. Workers have frequently been fired for no apparent reasons. We want them to be brought to justice. Such a protest will not come if they act correctly in accord with the law," one dismissed worker Htay Htay Mar.

The protest was organized by Myanmar Industries Craft & Services Trade Unions Federation (MICS-TUsF).

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