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Mandalay workers protest against dismissal of worker leaders 734

Daily Eleven
Dec 10, 2018
Workers in Mandalay staged a protest on the morning of December 9, calling for an end to the dismissal of worker leaders and the appointment of labour affairs minister in Mandalay.
          Workers marched from the Mandalay industrial zone to Manawraman ground on the 62nd street. They gave talks in the ground.
          They demanded the end to the dismissal of worker leaders, the crackdown on labour union, inspections of factories and plants in accord with the law, the signing of ILO’s 98-point provision, getting rid of corruption, the appointment of labour affairs minister in Mandalay and the immediate amendment to the controversial labour law.
          Ko Thet Hnin Aung, a worker leader said: “The region government’s handling over the labour right issue does not get the good marks. We have a desire to fully cooperate with the region government. But the region government has blocked this access. The problem is the region government is unable to control its staff. Mandalay region is the worst in handling labour disputes. There are dismissals of factory workers. We call for the appointment of new labour affairs minister. We are not demanding the sacking of the current minister. I would like to request the Mandalay Region Chief Minister to pay attention to the labour affairs.”
          The protest was led by Industry and Services Labour Union (Mandalay).

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