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Mud Volcano Eruption near Kyauk Phyu Baw-yabar Village 4218

Weekly Eleven Journal
Dec 07, 2011

Mud volcano eruption occurred at one mile distance from Baw-yabar Village, Kyauk Phyu Township in Rakhine State at 7 am morning on 26th November.
         A Baw-yabar Villager- farmer said, “Mud Volcano start erupted at about 7 am in the morning and became still at 5 pm in the evening. Two times it erupted.”
         “At first burst, lava popped out about 20 ft high. Second burst occurred at 2 pm round and its height rose up to 10 ft,” he said.
         "As lava was boiling bumps out, its flows spread on hill about 6 acres approximately."
         "Then lava flowed to South 4 furlongs along its previous flow route."
          "Nearby farmers worried about lava flows coming down to their paddy-fields of volcano vicinity as harvest time becomes so close," said another farmer from Baw-yabar Village.”
         The following mud volcano burst out once in 1990 and 20 acre of paddy fields were damaged. In 2000, once it burst again. The mud volcano eruption occurred once in 10 years was found.
          In Kyaut Phyu Township Rakhine, volcano explosions were elsewhere.
          In 1996, Na-gar Mountain near Saing Chone Village erupted and its lava destructed over 40 acre of paddy fields.
         In January 2008, 20-min-long burst volcano blew lava, mud liquid that rose up 100 ft high and its flames of 400 ft height, flooded lava in 2 acre of paddy fields.
          Volcano Eruption outcome was not only lava flows but also toxic to air. Moreover houses, fields, farms nearby and living beings were threatened, i.e., a kind of hazardous Nature Disaster.

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