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Myanmar Online Visa Use Soon 4016

Weekly Eleven Journal
Dec 11, 2011

Myanmar will use online visa soon for Tourists purpose.
        “For Tourists Myanmar is implementing online visa system. Guess it may be within one and a half month to 2 months. Immigration Department, Ministry of Hotel and Tourism, Ministry of Home Affairs together we negotiate,” said U Tint San, Union Minister for Ministry of Ministry of Hotels and Tourism.
        The address was performed at the Annual Golf Tournament Awarding Ceremony and dinner organized by The Myanmar Marketing Committee including conditions of Hotel and Tourism.
        Today Online Visa preparedness aimed to the convenience of Tourists visit and Myanmar Hotel and Tourism Development, said the Union Minister.
        Applicable visa for Tourists to Myanmar are Tourist Visa, Business Visa, Entry Visa (Diplomats & Official), Business Multiple Journey Entry Visa, Social & Meditation Visa, and On Arrival Visa.

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