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Myanmar to Participate in Global Game Jam for the First Time 82

Myanmar Business Today
Jan 30, 2019
Games developers and enthusiasts from Myanmar will for the first time participate in Global Game Jam, the world’s largest internet and mobile game developers contest, according to Game Industry Development Committee.
       At the event, game developers must create a game in 48 hours under the theme announced by Global Game Jam and it is not a prize awarding contest, U Aye Maung Maung Kyi, vice president of Game Industry Development Committee, said.
       “GGJ is not a contest. It is rather an event where game developers around the world gather and develop games. GGJ announce a secret theme for the game in a moment before the contest starts. The participants must develop the game relevant to the theme. For example, if the theme is peace, then games must be related to the theme peace. It is very exciting,” he added.
       Global Game Jam for 2019 will be held for three days on January 25, 26 and 27 and those who want to participate in the event must register at the registration link of Global Game Jam and choose KanaungHub Game site.
       Participants from Myanmar have to gather at KanaungHub office located at building 14 in MICT Park and bring their own computers.
       There are no limitations regarding the age, and the game developer can participate in a group or individually. However, if the participant is under the age of 18, then he or she must bring a permission letter from their parents since he or she needs to stay at the KanaungHub office during the 48 hours event.
       GGJ Myanmar will provide food and clothes as well as mentors.
       “Developers must upload their game on GGJ website on the evening of the 27th local time. This is a chance for the game developed by our developers to go in to global platform. MICA will give a certificate to the developers who can finished the game before deadline,’’ Ko Do Shine, member of GIDC, said.
       Global Game Jam, launched in 2009, since then they have had 42,800 participants from 108 countries around the world, at the 2018 event they produced 8,606 games.

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