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North Yamar Creek 35 V Warm clothes and Schoolbooks Needy 4071

7 Day News Journal
Nov 19, 2011

Pale, Yin Mar Bin and Sarlin, 3-Township-crossed North Yamar Creek which located 35 villages,  were affected by heavy rainfall which caused Creek Flood flows on 19th and 20th October.
       Flood victims were in the needy of warm clothes and schoolbooks.
        “Creek flowed and sank the 2 stored houses made students run on heels, not books even a bag to attend school, were lost.”
        “School opened at November but due to books they had, there were many students absent to attend schools.”
        “Text-books holder students dried often whenever sunlight was but handwritings all were gone wet in water.”
        “All written copies were destroyed of creek water as well as torn texts they had,” said Ko Htun Htun Win, Local villager from Shwe Pan Khine Village in Yin Mar Bin Township.
       “Among flooded victim villages over 30 due to North Yamar Creek increase, to attend school open time, students needed schools books support and they were being arranged by donors but as its winter fall there are still in need warm cloths and blankets to be donated,” said local inhabitants.

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