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Plans are underway to transfer new confirmed cases to Phaunggyi's medical treatment center 76

Daily Eleven
Apr 28, 2020

YANGON-As there are increasing numbers of COVID-19 patients in Yangon Region which already faces shortage of accommodation, plans are underway to transfer the new confirmed COVID-19 patients to medical treatment center in the compound of Central Institute of Civil Service (Lower Myanmar) in Phaunggyi, Hlegu Township, Yangon Region, according to the Yangon General Hospital.

Currently, the Yangon General Hospital, Waibargi Hospital and South Oakkalapa Hospital faced accommodation problems because Yangon Region has a far larger number of confirmed COVID-19 cases.

“If there will be more positive patients in Yangon Region, there is not enough rooms in Waibargi and South Oakkalapa Hospitals. So, we planned to transfer the positive patients to COVID-19 treatment center in Phaunggyi complex. Nine ambulances from Yangon General Hospital and five from Yangon Rescue Organization-YRO will be helping the transport service,” said Dr Phyo Thiha from Yangon General Hospital(Emergency Ward).

Moreover, the Yangon General Hospital will provide assistance equipments for those who will transfer the COVID-19 patients to Phaunggyi.

Likewise, the traffic police force will be taking responsibility for ensuring transport access along the routes while transferring the COVID-19 patients.

So far, there have been 146 confirmed cases and five deaths in Myanmar. The number of patients who tested negative for the virus has reached 10.

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