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Strong wind destroys about 800 houses in Kani 175

Daily Eleven
May 16, 2019
Strong wind destroyed about 800 houses in Kani Township, Yinmabin district, Sagaing Region injuring two people on May 13, said Sa Willian Frank, Director of regional disaster management office.

Some houses in Pale Township in Yinmabin district and Hkamti Township, Hkamti district are also damaged, he said.

“About 780 houses in Kani have been destroyed and I heard 22 houses in Pale have been destroyed. A total of 12 houses in Hkamti have been destroyed. We are taking a field trip to collect the list of damaged buildings in Kani and two people are injured,” he said.

Two cargo vessels docked at Kani port and a vessel in Chindwin River were damaged on May 13 due to the wind.

Strong wind destroyed houses in Kani, Monywa, Yinmabin, Pale, Salingyi, Ayadaw, Budalin, Kyunhla, Khin-U, Yae-U, Tantsal, Kawlin, Wuntho, Pinlebu and Bamauk townships every year before the rainy season starts.

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