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The Whole Myanmar 40-year-old Cars Return Over Half Amount in Mandalay 4117

Weekly Eleven Journal
Oct 06, 2011

The whole Myanmar 40-year-old Cars Return over a half amount of approximately 6500 cars was found in Mandalay.
        Mandalay Division Old Cars Return from 7 Districts at Ka Sa Nya Mandalay Division were being start-accepted on 19th October; over 400 cars per day that made 6500 cars round within 2 weeks.
        40-year-old Cars Return Period will take 3 months and accepted car amount and its services in respective Departments imbalance was found.
        “First spot Appraisal Department took 2-3 days due to many cars. Then Htone Bo Vehicle Receiver
took 2 days in regular.”
        “Vehicle received amount and receiver service were not catch up with for balance. Non-skilled work made delay and waste time, commented a car-returner.

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