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Tourist´s meditation in Mahar Myat Muni Mandalay 4236

Weekly Eleven Journal
Feb 09, 2011
Tourists visit to Mahar Muni Mandalay, have meditation."Many more tourists to Mahar Muni these days! Most visitors take photos but some Buddhist tourists meditate in pagoda in visits. Some, in groups who have less time,15 minutes, much time nearly one hour they take for meditation", a trustee board member of Mahar Muni Pagoda said. One tourist guide said some tourists who visit to Myanmar, have meditation as a health practice for mind and body and majority tourist meditators assume that meditation provides peace.
One American meditator in 2nd week of January at Mahar Muni said "I got the basic principles of meditation from our country Meditation Center U Go Ankar. As we are other religious persons, we experienced on Tha-ma-hta method. Wipasana way I don't understand much. I become cool and peace by Tha-ma-hta. Worries and purity of mind outcome from business and social matters go away. So I meditate while I visit Myanmar. Meditation interest propagation roots from the effort of Reverend Sayadaws of Myanmar and Guru U Go Ankor's Religious Center establishments for Wipasana Dissemination projects and centers are also in Canada, USA, Australia, New Zealand, France, UK, Japan, India, Thiri Linkar, Myanmar, Thai, and Nepal was heard.

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