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Woman dies after being stung by hornets 591

Daily Eleven
Jun 12, 2019

A woman died after being stung by hornets from a tree in Ward-32, North Dagon Township, according to sources from Yangon Region Free Funeral Service Society (FFSS) on June 10.

Police was informed FFSS by phone about the woman's death at about 8pm on June 9.

"It was said that she was stung by hornets. Children nearby prodded the hornets' nest with a stick as they mistook it for a beehive. The woman was stung by the hornets when she passed by the scene. According to her neighbours, she fell asleep after the incident. She could not be woken up after and died," said an official from FFSS (Yangon).

He said the hornets' nest was cleared away by the township fire brigade and a FFSS-owned fire brigade.

"We reported to the township fire station. We also have our own fire brigade. We sent a fire engine and an ambulance. We went to the scene and we combined team wiped out the hornets' nest.

On June 1 also, fire brigade members had to clear off a hornets' nest found in an unused water closet in Thingangyun Township.

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