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Prawn with Taro Rootstock Curry

Prawn with Taro rootstock is a sticky one when cook. In this way you can easily get paste from it and this time is mix with prawn to get a tasty curry. I recommend as one of the curry you should try.


Taro - 480 g
Prawn - 300 g
Salt - a little
Tumeric - a little
Chilli powder - a little
Curry powder - a little
Oil -
Tamarind Paste -
Parsley -
The following is the instruction of how to cook step by step in English
    • Peel taros and rinse them. Chop them into several chunks.
    • Rinse prawns and chop the heads to cleanse them.
    • Pound onions and garlics together. Prepare other ingredients as well.
    • Pan-fry pounded onions and garlics with turmeric powder. When onions become tender, addchilli powder and curry powder evenly and continue frying.
    • When the aroma starts to arise, add prawns with salt and chicken powder. It is important to keep stirring so that curry won’t stick to the pan.
    • When prawns are fairly cooked, add taros and mix thoroughly until taros are slightly crispy.
    • After stirring for 3 minutes, add reasonable amount of water and boil the curry until taros are tender.
    • When the curry is juicy and taros are soften enough, add tamarind paste. You may add either salt or chicken powder to adjust the flavour. Finally, sprinkle the masala on top of the dish and it is ready to be consumed.
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Posted Date : 01-May-2014