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Rakhine style Chicken curry

I choose Rakhine traditional chicken curry for this week. It doesn′t need oil, garlic and onion. Main ingredients are fish or shrimp paste, green chili and tamarind juice. Better serve with white rice and also can drink as soup. If you have a chance, let try for once.


Chicken - 4 kg
fish paste - 1 tbsp
salt, turmeric powder, seasoning powder - 1 tsp
Tamarind - a few (add water and make sauce)
lemon grass - 2 no.
green chili -15~20 nos. (Can add more if you like spicy and hot taste)
celery leaves - a little
The following is the instruction of how to cook step by step in English
  1. Clean the chicken thoroughly and chop into pieces. Mix well with salt, turmeric powder and seasoning powder.
  2. Boil green chili together with turmeric powder and fish paste with a cup of water until chili become soft. When the chili become soft, pounded chili into paste. Leave fish paste soup separately.
  3. Put chicken into a pan and stir fry until the skin getting dry. After that add lemon grass and water to cover chicken and cook with medium heat. When it start boiling add fish sauce soup and pounded chili and cook. Add water as needed until the chicken become soft.
  4. When the chicken become soft, add tamarind sauce and adjust the taste with salt and seasoning powder as you wish. After doing that add celery leaves on top and can prepare to serve with rice.
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Posted Date : 09-Mar-2016