Food in Myanmar

Rasgulla (Sweet Milk-balls)

If you bought milk and it were rotten, avoid from waste, Rasgulla Home-made is presented. Rotten not milk could also be made; if milk is good, do not wait till boil, squeeze a quarter of Lemon into hot milk like this.


Sugar - 1/2 viss
Milk - 1/2 viss
The following is the instruction of how to cook step by step in English
  1. Nearly rotten milk on stove, heat makes milk diverts from water, make cool in filter.
  2. Filter the filtered milk solid again and squeeze it by cloth till no water left.
  3. No water solid milk would be mixed to be sticky.
  4. Make balls the sticky paste.
  5. Mix sugar 1/4 viss with water on stove; balls to boil in sugar-liquid for 10 min. Make boil water with the remained 1/4 viss of sugar and let it cool down.
  6. After boiling milk-balls in sugar liquid, remove it from pan and dip in cool sugar liquid. Serve ready sweet milk balls Rugulla now.
Count : 8550
Posted Date : 28-Jan-2016