Food in Myanmar

Semolina Cake

I would present one of a special Myanmar dessert. You can make this dessert easily and can share with your family and neighbor. If you like you can also eat as snack.


Semolina(Shwe Kyi Powder) - 1 pound
Suger - 400
Coconut milk - 1 can
Salt - 1 tablespoon
Bakery buter - 1/2 pound
Poppy seed - as you like
The following is the instruction of how to cook step by step in English
heat coconut milk, sugar and salt together When coconut milk is boiling, add Semolina (ShweKyi powder) gently and stir. When coconut milk becomes creamy, stir it intensively so that it will become dough. If it is too dry, you may add water. When it is sticky, dough is ready and move it to the container. Pre-heat bakery butter. The more the butter, the more the desert is nourishing. Pour pre-heated butter into baking container and make sure it was apply onto inner side of container completely. Put dough into same container and even its surface. It is good to keep the pastry thickness between 1-1.5 inches. You may top it with any seeds of your choice all over the surface. Put metal lid on top and heat both bottom and top of the container. Heat from bottom must be lower than that of the top. After half an hour, check texture whether it is brownish. If so, it is ready. Let it cool before consumption. Note: you may also add 5 eggs to dough for the portions of this recipe.
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Posted Date : 01-May-2014